Schnitzel and Sausage: What Else Need You Know about This Weekend's Romanian Food Festival?

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Sarma, a kind of cabbage roll, and mămăligă
One of the boons of living in such a large metropolitan area, a thing so big that it necessitates the grammatically inscrutable term "metroplex," is that it gives you the chance to try food you wouldn't find in smaller towns. Sometimes it gives you the chance to try food you wouldn't even think to look for.

Romanian food isn't standard weekend fare for most Texans (or most people not from Romanian families), but this weekend's Romanian Food Festival in Colleyville will give Dallasites a chance to sample it.

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Romanian cuisine is emblematic of where the country is in Europe: bordering Hungary and Ukraine, a small wedge of coast on the Black Sea, not far from Greece and Turkey. While there are traditionally Eastern European dishes like varieties of cabbage rolls, other influences are distinctly Mediterranean.

There's mămăligă, a porridge made from yellow corn flour that's similar to polenta, topped with cheese and sour cream. Cozonac is a simple sweet bread (as in bread that is sweet, not a surprise organ) made with walnuts, citrus rind, raisins or rum, depending on the region. Mititei is similar to Turkish kofta, made from ground beef, pork or lamb then rolled into small morsels and grilled. There are variations of schnitzel, strudel, mousaka and, naturally, sausage.

The festival runs Friday through Sunday at Saint Mary's Romanian Orthodox Church and will include crafts, live music, a petting zoo and lots of kid-friendly activities. Tickets are $5 for adults, $3 for kids. And look, we made it through the whole post with no vampire jokes.

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 yes, and there is also sărmăluțe - meet with rise covered with pickled cabbage

more about romanian believes and orthodoxism here: icoane and paintings on the wood and on the glass

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Schnitzel.  I just adore it.  I wish it would make a comeback.  

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