The Food Network Is Coming to Dallas in Search of Bad-Ass Home Cooks

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The Food Network folks are headed to Dallas next week to conduct an open casting call, and the cooking professionals are not invited this time. The show's producers are hunting for home cooks who have elevated their game in their own kitchen and think they're ready to compete.

The emphasis is on home cooks -- potential participants with any professional training will be sent packing -- but they're also looking for home cooks with significant kitchen skills. A flyer for the event calls for truly skilled cooks who prepare elevated dishes completely from scratch, so if your secret ingredient is a pouch of Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning mix, you might want to keep cooking in the privacy of your home.

What's in it for you (other than the potential to embarrass yourself in front of millions)? There's cash money, of course, but there's also potential for some celebrity mentoring. The flyer mentions the opportunity to work with some big names from the Food Network, and while I'm sure they will dole out some tough love, the show sounds like it will be a bit more uplifting than your typical Gordon Ramsey scream-fest experience.

You in? Here are the basics, but make sure you visit the website that's been set up to get the rest of the details.

When: Saturday October 12th (10am- 4pm)
Where: Fairview Farms, 3314 N. Central Expy, Plano, TX 75074
What to Bring: A savory dish that highlights your cooking talent and a completed application.

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Kergo could win with his chicken parm.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

OOH!  I'm entering!  I wonder how an updated Jewish dish would go over with the judges.  I'm thinking maybe Gedempte Flanken, replacing the brisket with duck, and cooking it either sous-vide or confit.  Of course I'd have to rename it Gedempte Katschke.


There is so much crap on the food network I barely watch it anymore. It's all reality shows and Guy Fieri. Cooking Channel is quickly going down that same path.

scott.reitz moderator

@JaniceA CoA is switching to a reality format at the start of next year.

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