Nine of North Texas' Best Stores for Craft Beer

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Your St. Patrick's Day Not-Green-Beer HQ.
Breweries, festivals, filling stations: It's a golden, foamy age for craft beer in North Texas, and nothing is shepherding us though it more than the small shops that help cater to the craft beer lover.

These shops have endless lists of local, national and international brews for the connoisseur to explore, all tirelessly catered by extremely knowledgeable staffs. Here are our nine favorites.

Parkit Market
4724 Greenville
A Greenville Avenue institution, Parkit Market carries 1,300 kegs for you to take home and tap. It's also is no slouch in the bottled and canned beer arena, and it's the place to grab something special if you're trying to avoid the sea of green beer during the annual St. Patrick's Day parade.

Midway Mart
406 W Hickory St., Denton
The busiest, most important store in Denton is the Midway Mart. An endless stream of college students, musicians, college professors, city councilmen, bar owners and long-time residents shuffle in and out of the store, perusing aisles of expertly curated craft beers and wine. Shop proprietor Shaun updates his social media with what's in stock and what's coming in. It's not rare to see bearded guys buying craft beer while frat bros load up on Natty and a group of girls grab wine, lambics, and Four Loko.

S&K Beverages
101 W Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano

Yes, Plano, you have one of the better shops in the metroplex when it comes to craft beer. No, Plano, we don't want to hear you brag about it. Tons of great craft beers in stock, cigars for those of you who still think it's 1996 and all conveniently located just off 75.

Lone Star Beverages
3065 N Josey Ln #62, Carrollton
Lone Star Beverages has become known as the go-to place for lovers of all things great. The store gives you the option to build your own six pack, while also having an almost overstocked beer cave for you to explore. The knowledgeable staff rotates weekly top choices, and the store has taken to social media with gusto, as their Facebook page is updated multiple times a week with posts about what's in stock, what's coming in, and what you should be drinking. The store also carries a selection of local kegs (I was at a party recently where a keg of Velvet Hammer was procured from the store; the night ended in dancing) and hosts a Friday afternoon tasting session every week at 5 pm.

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Parkit Market

4724 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX

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Choice Beverage is a great pick. They have so much craft beer it is literally spilling out of their store on shelves. And the beer is high quality craft brew. Unlike other stores they do not have a big section  taken up with bad domestics which makes a store seem like it has a bigger beer selection. I can also attest that they will order any beer you recommend if it can be imported to Texas. Finally - true story - they drive to Houston and Austin with a van to pick up craft beer that isn't distributed to North Texas.


Stocked up with 5 different growlers a year ago and haven't bought bottled or canned beer since.


I think this list is missing Whole Foods Addison.  It has a beer bar where they do tastings, snacks, flights, kegs, and GROWLERS.  It's right off the tollway at beltline.  Definitely my go to in the area for local brews on tap and a good selection of craft bottles/cans.

I used to go to Lone Star Beverages, but I stopped going because my car would always get door dinged, and frankly it got downright scary at night due to the neighborhood.  Plus, what kind of convenience store doesn't have a restroom?  They invite the public for tastings and events but don't have restrooms?  That seems odd.

Specs has entered into the area and usually has a decent selection.  Flamingo Beverages off of Trinity Mills and Marsh has been getting a great selection in recently. 


Nothing in Fort Worth? How about King's?


Unless you're looking for a keg (which they'll probably have to "order" if you're looking for craft), Parkit-Markit's selection is not that great. If you're disappointed in their selection, head down LG to the Bottle Shop. Or go the other way to Central Market or Spec's. 

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

SPEC'S also has a nice rotation of local beers


AB Beer and Wine in Rockwall has the largest beer selection I've ever seen...


@ooozooo Can you tell us the whole story about the bathroom incident at Lonestar?  I do not know the entire story as you have not posted about it.  I also do not have any affiliation with the store but it seems like you are making a public decision not to shop there (which is your choice) by the fact that you got told there were no bathrooms, which is any business owners decision.  

Is a retail establishment to blame for a door ding which could/could not be the fault of the driver?  We don't know but you do have the possibility of parking cars in a bad manner yourself every time.

According to the Specs corporate website there are no Specs in Carrollton, just pointing out facts. It does seem you are shopping for your beer in Carrollton (re Flaming Beverages).  According to the Carrollton police statistics the intersection of Marsh and Trinity Mills is worse than the Lonestar location as far as crime so if you are concerned with bad neighborhoods I would be careful in that neighborhood as well.


@ooozooo So, you stop going because you ALWAYS get door dings?  Like every time you visited? Boom, door ding.  Wow.  Perhaps you should come up with another reason why the "BEER STORE" sucks, because you just listed any retail establishment without a mandatory valet.

With 2 oz tasting pours, you must have a small bladder to need to use a restroom.  There is a CVS next door if you cannot hold it.

Go ahead and go to Specs or whatever else place.  These mom & pop independent stores who truly care about customer service - because their livelihood depends on it - is where I'd rather spend my money. 

Be sure to remember to "SAVE 5%" at Specs by not being upcharged 5% when using a credit card.


Who is "we" when you say "We don't know but you do have the possibility of parking cars in a bad manner yourself every time."  Is that just one person behind the computer typing? A committee?   A panel of judges? Remember you dont have any affiliation with anyone.

You are correct, there is no Spec's in Carrollton   The Specs is located in Addison, TX.  The city right next to Carrollton.  Northeast Carrollton has two Specs close in proximity, 1 on parker road (hebron) and 1 on the dallas north tollway at Plano Blvd. 
As for your crime statistics...sorry but if you can't navigate the Specs website, I can't trust you with navigating any other website.  Plus there are way too many factors, variables and filters to consider when searching and reporting data.  
You're right, where I shop is my choice.  The booming beer movement means there are more options in the area.  I consider drive time, my location, store hours, who sells growlers, customer service and much more.  I'll go back to Lonestar at some point in the future, but its no longer a weekly trip.  I'm having too much fun sleeping around  :)
I'd like to get the thread back on topic though, remember, this was created to celebrate BEER, the cause and solution to all of life's problems.  


@LocalSupporter That's correct.  Plus,  the neighborhood is sketchy as hell. 

I do support mom and pop stores like Midway mart (when I lived in Denton), Parkit Market, Bottle Shop, Craft and Growler, Jack Macs Swill and Grill, etc. 

I guess I don't understand why you are so angry for not being a LoneStar cheerleader.  Options = Better for customers.  Do you work at LoneStar?  Because if you do, this seems like a horrible representation of your "customer service"

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