There's Now a Smartphone Attachment That Tests Blood Alcohol Level and Hails Uber

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ABC Shark Tank
The Wall Street Journal ran an article this week about a handy little gadget you might want to get in line for. A straight line. And hold your hands down to your side.

Breathometer Inc. makes a smartphone breathalyzer test that can instantly tell users if their blood alcohol level is too high to get behind the wheel.

Last month the product was introduced on the TV show Shark Tank, and it was the first product to receive unanimous backing from all the sharks, including Dallas Mavericks' owner and savior of the Greenville St. Patrick's Day parade, Mark Cuban.

The Breathometer, weighing in at less than one ounce, attaches to the top of a smartphone. Presumably after blowing in it, the device will provide the user with an accurate reading of their blood-alcohol level, including how long it will take for a high level to metabolize, or "get back to zero." Per the company website, the gadget is a "FDA-registered device which boasts accuracy that compares favorably to other high-end breathlyzers."

Since rolling out on Shark Tank, the product has received high-roller backing from venture firms Dillon Hill Capital and Structure Capital -- a company that previously invested in Uber, the taxi start-up that has gone a few rounds with the City of Dallas. Structure Capital paired the two companies and now, if you're too toasted to drive, the app will give you the option to hail an Uber ride with the push of a button.

The company is currently taking pre-orders online for $49 a pop. The website reads that orders will ship this fall, however, on the actual order page, it says that the product will be shipped as soon as inventory becomes available.

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ScottsMerkin topcommenter

How long till the Police use your own breathalyzer test against you in a DWI case.  


Love using Uber! Whether I'm sober or not. Dallas' taxi's suck. Uber is not only cheaper but Uber's cars are cleaner, the driver's understand English and know their way around town, plus they offer free bottles of water and, they don't try to rip you off. 

primi_timpano topcommenter

Great tool to see who really wins a drinking game.


if you are to the point where you are testing if your BAC is close to the legal limit, why not just err on the side of caution and call uber anyway.  i doubt this is an admissible defense in a DWI case.  "but judge, my iphone said i was OK to drive."


Odds someone would use this device correctly (mechanically) and decide to not drive as a result: 10,000:1. Odds someone will use this device either incorrectly or do whatever the booze tells them is OK anyway: 1:1.


Great idea! Is it just a one time $49 fee for the device?

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