CBD Provisions, the New Restaurant at The Joule Hotel, Is Now Open (Photos)

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Photos by Catherine Downes
CBD Provisions opened earlier this month inside The Joule Hotel, in the space where Charlie Palmer used to live. The restaurant's menu, which was created by Chef Michael Sindoni, includes a mix of small plates, including a pickle jar ($5), pig tails ($11) and kale salad ($10); sandwiches, like a whole hog Cuban with bread and butter pickles, country ham, gruyere and jalapeno mustard ($14) and fried redfish with chow-chow and remoulade ($16); and large plates, like pork shoulder with crispy hominy, green chiles and jicama ($18) and gulf shrimp and grits ($19).

I checked it out recently and shot some photos.


For those who'd rather drink, CBD has an extensive wine list, plenty of beer on tap and a craft cocktail menu with eight specialty concoctions.


The space, although lavish, has a laid-back feel to it. CBD's dining room was designed by Claudia Woods, and "aims to give guest the full rustic Wild West experience with "big city brasserie" character, exposed brisk walls, salvaged wood floors and a fully open kitchen."


Red chili: grass fed beef, an egg and cornbread.


Kale salad: Three-year-old cheddar, yogurt dressing and white anchovy.




Texas grass fed beef burger with Texas cheddar and pickles on a potato bun.



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Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

CBD Provisions is an atrocious name for a restaurant.  It sounds like a sporting goods store. "Get all your Camping, Boating, and Dog Sledding equipment at CBD".


Of dishes tried so far, 

on the plus side = tripe/chorizo, french fries, oysters, nduja/pimento

no go's = red chili (burnt chili powder, pooled grease, Gerber texture w/ meh! cornbread)

J_A_ topcommenter

I love potato bread


I never got the "fries in a cup/glass" thing.

Maybe it's just the shitty places I've tried, but I've found it makes fries soggy...

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


I've definitely heard worse. There used to be a small diner that I and some of my classmates would frequent at lunch near our campus called DK Cafe. The owners were a couple of delightful ladies and fantastic cooks - Denise and Karla, and they thought that the name DK Cafe rhymed and had a catchy ring to it.

When a few of us pointed out that without the context of the sign, which clearly showed that these were initials, folks might hear that name and immediately assume it was called Decay Cafe.

Shortly thereafter the window was repainted to read The D&K Cafe.

It might be interesting to know what CBD stands for.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

@Nictacular True.  But these people look as if they've inserted a paper something or other to sop up all that grease......


@TheCredibleHulk @Myrna.Minkoff-Katz uhhhh, CBD stands for Central Business District.  i.e. 'downtown'.  not like they're popping some new nomenclature on us here.  it's a good name if you get out of the house and know what you're talking about.

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