Sam's Club is Selling Barrels of Jack Daniels for $10,000

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Whip out your club card (or haul ass past the greeter), because Sam's has a sweet deal for you. Well, it's not so much sweet as it is oaky and a little like drinking fire. Or gasoline. Or gasoline on fire. The Huffington Post, MSN and others picked up on a Reddit thread this week that shows an entire barrel of Jack Daniels for sale at Sam's for a mere $9,660.

The photo, posted by Reddit user vamanos_pest (Todd? Is that you?), has almost 3,000 comments and has spurred a torrent of WHATTHEFUCKTHATISNOTFAIRs from Jack fans who happen to live in regions where this cannot exist. And who have $10,000 taped to the back of their toilet, apparently. But some of these pesky laws will let you buy hard liquor at CVS. Always a good pairing with prescription drugs. And cheeses.

Wait, it gets better. A commenter countered vamanos_pest's photo with his (or her) own barrel photo from a different Sam's Club, this time with a $7,680 price tag. Locations for these particular barrels were unavailable, but I'm hoping this will come to an old fashioned price war. Or just an Old Fashioned. I'm out of whiskey jokes.

I'm pretty sure TABC wouldn't be excited about this idea here in Texas, so I put in a call to Wal-Mart's media line to find out what states around us might be inclined to let you roll a fucking barrel of liquor out of Sam's like some sort of desperate chemistry teacher in the desert.

Updates to come.

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The Sam's in Northlake, IL (suburb of Chicago) had one awhile back...I hear they sold at least one...


There you go, Sara. Be sure to get the "fucking" in there so everybody knows you're just rilly kewl.  I mean, this article would have been so pointless and boring if you hadn't put the "fucking" in there.  Good call.


No way this is real... 1 barrel = 53 gallons = 200,627 mL (1 bottle of JD is 750 mL) = 267.5 bottles of JD x $25 (sometimes cheaper, but round number) = $6,687.  This is a great deal if you want a barrel for $3000!!! 


@JmaCISU The whiskey in question is Jack Daniels Single Barrel and averages $50 a bottle. 1 barrel = 53 gallons = 200,627 mL (1 bottle of JDSB is 750 mL) = 267.5 bottles of JDSB x $50 = $13375. This is a great deal, you save $3715 and get a free barrel :)

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