Meat Fight Tickets Go On Sale October 3; Here's What You Need to Know

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It's once again time for Meat Fight, brought to you by our very own James Beard winner Alice Laussade, who just can't seem to settle her score with smoked meat. This November 17, the best meat in the state will throw down at Four Corners Brewery, all to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

In addition to the remarkable face beard of Nick Offerman (also known as Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation), who is a special guest to the event, there will be many other salacious things at Meat Fight 2013. First and foremost, the First Annual Uncle Benjamin's Meatvember Face Beard Pageant, judged by Offerman himself, for which a trophy made of pure testosterone will be awarded.

There will be a live auction led by master-auctioneer Jack Perkins during the event that will include a Golden Ticket to skip the longest of all smoky lines at Pecan Lodge, as well as other thoughtfully selected meat-centric items.

The official meat fighter line up includes some dandies:

• Eric Hansen, Fearing's
• David Uygur, Lucia
• Nathan Tate, Boulevardier
• Anastacia Quinones, Komali
• Jeff Bekavac, Neighborhood Services
• Tiffany Derry
• Omar Flores, Driftwood
• Chad Houser, Café Momentum
• Jeana Johnson, Good 2 Go Taco
• Brian C. Luscher, The Grape Restaurant
• Cody Sharp, Nick & Sam's Steakhouse
• Jeffery C. Hobbs

The official judging panel includes:
• Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson of Parks & Recreation)
• Matt Offerman (meat enthusiast, beard-haver)
• Daniel Vaughn, Texas Monthly BBQ Editor
• Jack Perkins, The Slow Bone BBQ, Meat Fight 2012 Brisket Winner
• Tim Byres, Smoke
• Will Fleischman, Lockhart Smokehouse
• Justin Fourton, Pecan Lodge
• Stephen Joseph, Riverport BBQ
• Nick Pencis, Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ

The people providing the meat include Local Yocal (brisket), American Homestead Pork ribs and sausage from Rudolph's Meat Market. And because fish have feelings, too, TJ's Seafood.

In addition to getting a taste of all 12 meat competitors, guests will have an exclusive make out session with a bacon doughnut from Hypnotic Donuts. For balance, or regularity, there will also be some greens from Garden Café, as well as pigs' feet from Jack Mac's Swill and Grill. Swiss Pastry Shop and Pop Star Popsicles will peddle their fine wares, as well.

For those who might feel parched during the three hour meat tasting, there will be ample beer from Four Corners, as well as whiskey tastings from Knob Creek and coffee from Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters.

Meat Fight will go down from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on November 17 at Four Corners Brewery (423 Singleton Blvd.).

For the news you really really need to know, tickets are $75, $125 for VIP and will go on sale at 10 a.m. on October 3. Find them at the Meat Fight site. All the proceeds from all ticket sells, minus taxes and fees, will go directly to NMSS.

Update: VIPs will get entry to the event an hour early, plus they'll be the first in line for samples. They will also get to watch the judging and receive a special swag bag that includes Meat Fight trading cards.

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Did anyone actually get tickets to this?  I was online right at 10:00 and hit enter on my order at 10:03.  It was already sold out.


Excited isn't the right word. Stoked to get the meat sweats on!


Thanks for the VIP info. I was just searching for it.


What's the difference between the regular and VIP tickets?


@ihatecomedy My bad. I thought that was on the site. 

VIPs get in an hour early and they'll be the first to get samples. VIPs also get to watch the judging and a special swag bag that includings Meat Fight trading cards. 

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