Kitchen LTO and Six Other New Restaurants Slated to Open in Trinity Groves This Fall

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Casie Caldwell
Those first two months threw you a curve-ball didn't they? June and July were unexpectedly forgiving, which made August's swelter all the more unbearable. And even though the equinox is so very close, the hot days continue queue up day after day. It's been such a long summer; soothe yourself with some new restaurants.

Provided the Trinity Groves development project speaks to you, you'll have have enough new spots to distract yourself until the weather is cold enough to draw other complaints. Hofmann Hots and Babb Bros BBQ have been your only dining options so far, but next week Kitchen LTO will open its doors. It's likely the most anticipated opening thus far.

If you're interested you shouldn't dally. LTO's schtick will attempt to harness the creative spirit of the pop-up restaurant within the confines of a permanent brick and mortar shell. Every four months what is left will be tossed out, and the next chef and designer will sign on to spin into yet another temporary restaurant.

Chef Norman Grimm, who spent time at Acme F&B before the owners decided to convert the restaurant into a bar, is up first. "French influence highlighting fresh seasonal ingredients" is how he describes his menu and the food photos attached to the press release look, you know, nice. Picture seared branzino with crisp skin, braised short rib cloaked in a thick glaze and seared sea scallops.

LTO will open next Wednesday the 11th and the restaurant will run until the end of the year, before it is converted into the next concept.

There are more restaurants slated to open in the coming months.

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Kitchen LTO

3011 Gulden Lane, Dallas, TX

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primi_timpano topcommenter

I've seen smaller marquees for Mr. Tony Bennett, and I've never seen a marquis for a chef. The current chef should not feel so proud about this. Restaurants become fads, chefs get fired, and marquees are made to be changed frequently.


@primi_timpanoIsn't that the point? From the article: "Every four months what is left will be tossed out, and the next chef and designer will sign on to spin into yet another temporary restaurant."

primi_timpano topcommenter

I guess I understand the rotation theme but I'm getting a little tired of making celebrities of chefs, especially these short timers.

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