You Should Really Quit and Take This Live-In Farmer Job at Eden's Organic Garden Center

Eden's Organic lush harvest (or perhaps your new boss)
Been looking for greener pastures lately? Ready to trade in your 2' x 3' cubicle and asphalt parking spot for the soft curved line of dirt under your nails? Well, we might have an interesting opportunity for you. Actually, Marie Tedei, the founder and owner of Eden's Organic Garden Center in Balch Springs, has an offer for you.

Eden's is a 14-acre all organic farm about 15 miles east of downtown Dallas. For more than a decade, Tedei has cultivated the land into a farm that supports an on-site market and CSA. (This "Eden's" is not associated with The Garden of Eden in Arlington, which we recently reported on. Completely different farms. )

Tedei is working on developing the next stage of her business, and needs someone to help her with managing the farm. In return, one budding farmer gets that aforementioned crescent moon of dirt under their nails and some quality time with chickens, dogs, ducks, bees and whatever else might show up. Farms are like that.

Ultimately, in a farm-dream world, Tedei would have a full-time farm manager along with interns and other on-site help. Tedei says the hardest part of this job is obviously the physical labor, but the rewards are great.

"Seeing the kids run around the farm," Tedei says, "and the kids seeing the chickens and ducks, eating super fresh food and loving it. A big part of it for me is educating kids and trying to help prevent what we see too much of: obesity and health related diseases."

There's also the community reward.

"My customers' reactions and appreciation for what this farm represents and provides for their family really motivates me," she says. "I get emails and notes in the mail, hugs and lots of support and love from my CSA family and loyal market customers."

Ideally Tedei needs two people, a perfect scenario being a couple willing to manage the farm and run the CSA. "This is going to require a pretty full-time schedule, six days a week, five to seven hours a day, on-call every day for chores and emergencies."

Additionally, there's a community meal at least once a week.

In return, the couple, or ambitious person, will live on the farm in a studio apartment with a kitchenette and get all the farm fresh vegetables, of course. They'll also learn the ropes of soil preparation, seed-starting, farm maintenance, as well as harvesting, and running a multi-faceted urban farm that includes tours, development of a childrens' educational program and the market.

One day you might be swatting away mosquito sprayers on the road out front and the next calling out bee keepers to upright knocked over hives. Life on a farm is exciting and full of adventure. Much more than that cube.

Eden's is near a DART rail station, so if you only travel via bicycle or feet, it's not a problem.

For more information, interested parties should contact Marie through the Eden's Organic Garden Center's Facebook page.

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Eden's Organic

4710 Pioneer Road, Balch Springs, TX

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Sunbelt Ryders
Sunbelt Ryders

And get raided by an overzealous SWAT team? No thanks!

Tecia Donaldson
Tecia Donaldson

Oh well maybe not doesn't look like they actually pay. LOL.


I would so love to do this but we moved to the country to get my daughter out of the 'big' schools. sighhhhhhhh

Shannon Adolph
Shannon Adolph

Is this the place that was the recent target of a government raid?

Liesl Beneke McQuillan
Liesl Beneke McQuillan

A more than full time job with the only compensation being a one room apartment and the fruit of your labor? Wow.


@Sharon_Moreanus A better deal? How's that? I thought wwoofers didn't make anything and one girl I knew, said they had her sleeping in a shed?  This sounds like a cool deal, if you like to work outside anyway. 

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

They wouldn't be making anything at Eden.

Not all wwoofs communities are the same.

Less hours and not on call.



She has a farmer's market there, I bet they could make something selling at it.  I read wwoofer was 5 hours a day, too. I don't know.  I think it varies by farm like you said.  I like that it's close to the city and dart.

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