The Original Company Café Is Moving Down Greenville to Mextopia's Former Home

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Last night, workers were stacking chairs, cleaning house and making room for new equipment at the old Mextopia spot on Greenville Avenue. Workers for the Company Café were preparing for their big move. A large carousel cooler sat on the patio out front, waiting to be moved into place and stuffed with cakes and other desserts.

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The original location, just up the street near the Libertine Bar, closed late last month in preparation for the move. For now, the Katy Trail location, which I reviewed last year, is your only place for gluten-free chicken-fried steak in Dallas.

Hopefully the new location will open as planned. A post to the restaurant's Facebook page says its new home will be open for business next Wednesday, August 7. If you enjoy the café, the modest inconvenience of a two-week closure will be offset by a new space with significantly more tables, a nicer patio and more parking, too.

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mavdog topcommenter

Mextopia was never as good as Avilas.

Company Cafe is the best there is in high quality gluten free dining. Their desserts are amazing! you wouldn't know they were GF, the taste and texture are as good as regular gluten product.


They are too stingy on portion size....................


I avoid CC due to the hipster waiters that are too cool to seat you or timely take your order.  OK really it was one bad experience and the other waiters that work there may be industrious workers that care about customers.  But I am not going to chance it. 


That is a cool space. Parking is definately better.  I have avoided CC from time to time due to the parking issues and crowds.  Looking forward to giving it another try. 


@doofUSA @becoolerifyoudid I do actually, the price point is lower and the service is far superior.  Which is sad since the Chili's in Casa Linda basically has a bunch of high school kids waiting tables, you would think CC could at least match their level of service.

I am too old to care about what is trendy and don't feel like waiting 10 minutes in an empty restaurant for the waiter to put down his phone long enough to seat me.  I might as well drive to Jonathan's in Oak Cliff, the food would be better and even with the drive I would get my food in the same amount of time.

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