Ramen Burger Threatens Cronut For Internet Domination

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The Internet may be changing the way we eat. The cronut proved that anything that's both quirky and delicious has the potential to go viral. Invent some strange hybrid snack, and Internet fame could be yours. Now the next big craze is making the rounds through the media. Enter the ramen burger, which despite being created a few weeks ago has more friends on Facebook than you do.

Keizo Shimamoto, a noodle nut who spent time in Japan but currently lives in New York City, is behind the new creation. He unveiled the burger on his GoRamen! blog and was on Good Morning America just two days later.

Shimamoto won't divulge the secret to his ramen buns, but they look like a loosely fused network of fresh noodles, pressed into the shape of a burger bun. The noodles are seared in a pan with sesame oil and adorned with a manufactured burger patty coated in a secret sauce that looks like reduced ponzu. (I maybe spent a little too much time on his Facebook page and blog, but, you know: ramen burger.) Green scallions finish the whole thing off, and it's served in a PleatPak wrapper that keeps all of those burger drippings as close to home your face as possible.

Despite those questionable patties, Shimamoto sells out when he sets up shop, and his Facebook page is filled with pleas for visits to Texas, LA and other locations across the country. Certainly his creation has its appeal.

The traveling ramen burger shit-show -- coming soon to a town near you, soon.

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Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Myrna likes ramen.  But not as a burger bun.. unh unh.


Hasn't every college student ever made a ramen sandwich? This one is much neater-looking but the concept is as old as $.10 packs of ramen.

Fred Goodwin
Fred Goodwin

Good lord. This is almost as bad as a tofu-burger.

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