Weeks After Jack's Southern Comfort Food Closed on Greenville, JO24 Takes its Place

Replaced Already.
A few weeks ago, Scott Jones packed up his things and walked away from Jack's Southern Comfort Food, blaming a kerfuffle over parking with the landlord and other tenants. Now an ambitious neighbor, Naina Srirathakul, who is busy opening her second Royal Cuisine by Naina next door, thought the space looked lonely. So she's taken it over and has opened a diner, JO24, that serves American diner classics and breakfast all day.

Srirathakul grew up in Thailand, cooking alongside her mother, who was a cook for a prominent family. She then moved to New York City before settling in Dallas. Her restaurant Royal Cuisine, at 8131 Forest Lane, serves traditional Thai dishes, and she hopes to have the second spot on Greenville in the next month or so.

At JO24, Srirathakul is serving dishes reminiscent of diners she found in New York City, including classics like burgers and spaghetti. And while JO24 looks a little pop up-ish, she hopes to make it a permanent restaurant.

"I want people to eat healthy fresh food," says Srirathakul. "Everything I cook is fresh, nothing is out of the can or ever frozen."

She stressed that eating at her restaurant is like eating in her home, and she hopes her customers become regulars, all while she continually emphasizes eating fresh and healthy food. Sounds like it could be mom's kitchen.

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Jack's Southern Comfort Food - CLOSED

1905 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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I understand and can relate to the frustration of conducting business on that street. Worldwide Foods is the worst landlord on that block. Their buildings are worthless and come with absolutely no parking. Greedy Yousef and Hicham have created this mess and have not taken care of it. I am surprised they have not been sued by every one of their tenants for misleading and not disclosing vital issues.

On another note, I wish you luck Naina!! If you are paying more than 2k a month, they are robbing you. The place is 1000 sq feet and the backroom should not be included. I own a large portion of the real estate in the area.

Good Day,



I've had two great breakfasts here. There was enough food to feed two hungry lumberjacks. All for under $10. The article left out the fact that this lady kept on many of JACKS employees, including their cook,  Big Momma. She'll do everything in her power to make sure you're stuffed to the gills when you leave.

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