It's Getting Good: Your Weekly Fork Fight Recap

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Another full house at 3015 at Trinity Groves last night
"The bridge to nowhere now goes to somewhere."
- MC Mark Brezinski

Things are heating up in Trinity Groves, y'all. As the eight-week-long Fork Fight series heads toward its climax on Thursday, August 29, the events have gotten better and better. The contenders have now all got a win under their belts, and the logistics of the fight have been smoothed out like a tablecloth.

Speaking of smooth, last night was another sold-out dinner, but as far as I could tell there was no shortage of food. The contenders? Both first-time restaurant owners, Fork Fight VI featured chef Daniel Pittman and his team from LUCK versus chef Larry and Karen Williams from Amberjax Fish Market Grille. The "e" makes it fancy.

Fork Fighters from LUCK and Amberjax

I hate to say "I told you so," but based on the initial applause after master of ceremonies Mark Brezinski introduced Amberjax versus the slightly lesser amount for LUCK, I already knew who would win before the first plates had been delivered.

But Fork Fight isn't about winning and losing, it's about eating. And it was the diners who won last night, because the dishes were pretty excellent. Here's what graced our plates.

Guests helped themselves to Amberjax's tropical ceviche and LUCK's pretzel bites with beer cheese fondue

The salad course featured Amberjax's Texas summer peach salad with goat cheese, toasted almonds and brandied honey vinaigrette versus LUCK's Texas "caviar," arugula, roasted jalapeño hushpuppy with remoulade dressing

Just in time for the main course, a three-piece band began to play in the dining room. A trend started by Souk chef Yaser Khalaf, surprise live performances are becoming the norm at Fork Fight.

Mains featured Amberjax's Hawaiian sea salt-crusted mako shark versus LUCK's spicy hatch green chile carnitas enchiladas

Dessert: Amberjax's Mama's homemade Key lime with raspberry coulis, Chambord creme and lime zest versus LUCK's chocolate whiskey cake topped with Lakewood "The Temptress" ice cream

After the last bites were bitten, folks dropped forks into one of two buckets; one labeled LUCK and the other, Amberjax. After all the forks were tallied, Amberjax was declared the winner.

There are just two more fights left, folks. Next Thursday, Uno Immanivong of Chino Chinatown (opening in Trinity Groves on November 11) will battle last night's winners from Amberjax for the chance to face off against the big mama, chef Sharon Von Meter, in the final round the week after. I hope you've got your tickets, because they are already sold out.

But hey, don't fret; if you didn't get a chance to watch the Fork Fights unfold, there will be plenty of opportunities to devour fare from all the Trinity Groves concepts and tenants starting as soon as just a couple months from now. They're all just getting started, and it's really getting good.

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