Here's What (and Who) Got Served When Souk and Chino Chinatown Faced Off in Trinity Groves

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The mighty menu for Fork Fight Round 5!
The winners of Fork Fight rounds 1 and 2 grabbed their forks and fought last night at 3015 at Trinity Groves. If you've been following closely, that means chef Yaser Khalaf of Souk battled Uno Immanivong of Chino Chinatown for the chance to advance. Both of these teams have fans who came out in droves (it was sold out), so I knew it was going to be a close one.

As a little refresher, Fork Fight is the popular series put on by the folks at Trinity Groves to help the public get a little taste of what's to come for the development. Restaurants have been given the chance to battle it out and build up excitement for the concepts, stores and more that will all be a part of Trinity Groves starting very, very soon and growing into next year. Each week, each contender presents diners with four courses and then everyone votes, placing a fork in the bucket of the restaurant they think won the night.

Here's what was forked out last night:

Course 1: Souk's Chicken Bastilla (phyllo dough stuffed with braised cornish hen, saffron egg sauce and almond paste) VS Chino's Guajillo Lobster Shooters (fried lobster topped with spicy guajillo coconut broth)

Course 2: Souk's watermelon and haloumi cheese salad with wild arugula and pomegranate sugarcane vinaigrette VS Chino's Thai crab causa salad with yuzu-infused potato, avocado creme fraiche, roasted corn, micro greens and pickled onions

Course 3: Souk's beef tenderloin and apple tagine topped with dates, almonds and sesame seeds VS Chino's chimichurri grilled lamb chop with cilantro lime rice steamed in duck broth

Dessert: Souk's pistachio-stuffed date and spiced poached pear stuffed with rosewater mascarpone atop honey caramel sauce VS Chino's Mexican mole cake with coconut ice cream, rum caramel and mole ganache

These hips didn't lie last night. Neither did the lamb, though.
It was right around the third course that chef Yaser of Souk brought out his little surprise. Well, three of them actually. Because you never really know what you're going to find at Fork Fight. Luckily for the Chino team, their lamb chop was good enough to beat out three sets of fast-moving hips. In the end, Uno and her team at Chino received more forks, so they will move on and battle the winner of next week's forkoff (either LUCK or AmberJax) on Thursday, August 22.

Get your tickets to one of the remaining three fights on the Trinity Groves website.

Happy forking!

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