Fork Fight VII: Amberjax Versus CHINO Chinatown

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Last night's hungry, hungry forkers
If you've been following along, then you know that we are nearing the climax of the Fork Fight series of showdowns. Last night, chef Larry and Karen Williams from Amberjax Fish Market Grille and chef Uno Immanivong from CHINO Chinatown each took 10 steps away from each other, turned and fired four courses into the mouths of the 200 some-odd guests at 3015 at Trinity Groves.

Fork Fight, which culminates in next week's battle against chef Sharon Von Meter, is an eight-week series of cook-offs wherein eight contending chefs from upcoming Trinity Groves restaurant concepts show an audience of hundreds what they're made of. The dinner guests vote with forks at the end of the night and the team with the most forks wins.

Last night was a tad warm, but hey, it's Dallas and it's August. Prepped with plenty of wine, cooled down with custom-made cocktails for the event and buttered up with samples from some of the other Trinity Groves concepts, the crowd was ready to chow down, and chow down they did. Here's what got served.

Appetizer course: Amberjax's mini lobster roll on Hofmann Hots' buns versus CHINO's buns stuffed with banana leaf braised pork shoulder served with house-made waffle chips and Fresno No. 3 ketchup

Course 2: Amberjax's Acadiana style shrimp and lobster gumbo with potato salad and deviled egg versus CHINO's grilled romaine with Thai papaya and mango slaw, candied peanuts and sticky chicken croutons

Course 3: Amberjax's Low Country shrimp and grits with smoked tomato creole versus CHINO's ancho dusted steak with roasted Brussels sprouts, potatoes, chorizo and Hatch chile ponzu

Dessert course: Amberjax's chocolate malted ganache cake with fresh raspberry coulis versus CHINO's chocolate and cinnamon panna cotta with spicy Thai basil powder, poppin' candied orange and coconut whipped cream

After all the forks were laid to rest, the team from CHINO won by 20. That's a close one. And it means Boxer Barbie chef Uno Immanivong will be the one squaring off against chef Sharon Von Meter in next week's sold out battle.

Better put your gloves on folks, this last one's gonna be a knockout.

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