Eddie Campbell, Dallas' Wandering Mixologist, Has Landed at Kent Rathbun's Abacus

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Sara Kerens
Has Eddie Campbell finally found a home with Kent Rathbun?
Eddie Campbell, one of Dallas' best and best known cocktail artists, has been muddling all over Dallas, and it's hard to say where you should expect to see him next.

After a stint at Bolsa and then The Chesterfield, he's doused half of Dallas in booze, appearing at events and behind bars like a guerrilla bartender. Campbell drops in, fires off a couple cocktails and disappears into the mixology forest again. I once bumped into him at Mason Bar in Uptown, but then heard he'd moved to the Sunset Lounge shortly after. Then he popped up at a recent Fork Fight event.

Now it looks like Campbell has found a place to hang that fedora.

He'll be rocking the shakers at Abacus, and he's got a whole new drink menu waiting for you. Classic cocktails based on the well known staples will share space with a few of Campbell's favorite recipes on the new bar menu, but anyone who knows the bartender is aware that what's printed on paper is just the start. Campbell managed recipes in the hundreds when he worked at The Chesterfield downtown. If you want something special, he'll likely take care of you.

And take care of you in style. Abacus is a Kent Rathbun restaurant with a polished dining room. Sitting at the bar and grazing on a few snacks while Campbell gyrates his way to your next cocktail, would make for a decent evening. You could even go to Smyth after for some more high-octane drinks. It would make for the booziest of cocktail crawls.

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4511 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX

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kergo1spaceship like.author.displayName 1 Like

Remember that video he had?  Does that video always play on a loop, behind him, wherever he works? Does he have a fan positioned to perfectly blow his hair, while he prances about like Bono circa 1987? 


Surely Kent will clean him up.  

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