Dallas' Best Brunch Gut Bombs

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I hope I get asked to prom this Sunday ...
As Americans, our love of brunch has been well documented. The combination of carbohydrates, fats, meats, sweets and eggs is completely intoxicating to us, even before you add in the liquor component. There's nothing better, really. Brunch is what makes Sunday awesome for a lot of us. In fact, you can just go ahead and end the day at 2 p.m., because it can only go downhill from brunch.

But sometimes, a simple side of cheesy grits or an extra short stack just isn't enough for us. We need to take our favorite meal to the next level, and really hate ourselves for a good four or five hours post-brunch. And in Dallas, we have a bevy of options for doing so. Here are the five we regret the most, in a really, really good way.

The Prom Cake at Legal Grounds (pictured above)

Imagine an oat pancake the size of your face filled with bananas and topped with a granola-praline topping. It's after your first bite that you wonder if "prom" was a typo. Because "porn" is more like it.

I don't know for sure why they call this thing a prom cake, but I assume it's because I want to give it a corsage, take it dancing and then take advantage of it in the back of a limo. Before taking it home with me, of course. And yeah, I'd make it breakfast the next morning. I'm not some kind of asshole.

The Beer Biscuits at Barbec's

image via foodspotting
Cake + gravy + heaven = beer biscuit

As you're reading this, Yelpers all over East Dallas are squee-ing in their pants at the thought of these bulging, fluffy beer biscuits served smothered in gravy, or beside a plastic bear full of honey. Found inside an old-school diner on Garland Road and often proclaimed "the best biscuits I've ever had in my life," these are pretty effing delicious. Like little beige clouds of awesome from Greasy Spoon Heaven. Greasy Spoon Heaven, coincidentally, is the place where all the honey bears go when they get too sticky. Rest in peace, honey bears.

And even if the rest of the menu is basic diner fare, the biscuits alone will always make your morning. I sincerely hope you don't live too far from Barbec's, because you can expect the carbo-coma to come on strong and soon. Better call a cab, or designate a gluten-free driver, just in case. The poor bastard.

Location Info

Legal Grounds

2015 Abrams Road, Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Holy shit...I just got the dis-beetus from reading this page.

BRB..Wilford Brimley is at the door with my diabetes testing supplies ...

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

FOOOOODBITCH!!!!!  So was Nick and Sams a let down to you, and how did restaurant week service compare to non restaurant week service there, if in fact you had eaten there previously?


@ScottsMerkin A bit off topic but thanks for paying attention. Yes it was a let down and yes I'd been there before. Night and day. Super nice staff but we still felt like cattle.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@foodbiatch These comments eventually derail anyways so I figured Id do it on the first post.  Are most restaurant week places like that?  Id rather pay full price for full effort.

I NEED that monster cinnamon roll stat.  My sugars are low lol


@ScottsMerkin @foodbiatch Nobody *needs* that monster. And no, not all RW places waste the opportunity to give new guests a great experience. It's hit or miss, unfortunately.

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