Dallas' 50 Most Interesting Restaurants, No. 23: Jeng Chi

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If you haven't been to Jeng Chi since April of this year, then you haven't been to Jeng Chi. The Chinese restaurant known for its Xiao Long Bao, or soup dumplings, moved a few doors south in the same shopping plaza a few months ago. Richardson's "China Town" has always been a dining destination for those looking for Sichuan dishes, dim sum and other Asian delicacies, but Jeng Chi has only added to the appeal with their new open kitchen and expanded dumpling menu.

Now, when you wonder aloud about the dumpling's origins you only need to look toward the back of the dining room. A glass partition keeps the curious and hungry from drooling on the cutting boards as workers crimp dumpling after dumpling into perfect parcels filled with meat, fish and other fillings.

It's the soup, or "juicy," dumplings that will keep you coming back to Richardson. They explode in your mouth with warm broth and a tiny meatball. There are vegetable dumplings filled with mung bean noodles, cabbage and tofu, pork dumplings, fish dumplings and chicken dumplings, too. There are lobster dumplings, which will set you back $12, but most run just $6 making Jeng Chi a decent way to dine on a budget. Actually, it's a great place to dine, period.

Yes, the soup dumplings are still here.
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Location Info

Jeng Chi Restaurant & Bakery

400 N. Greenville Ave., Richardson, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Kt Althoff
Kt Althoff

Used to be good.. few years ago.. the meat smells old

Deborah Deering
Deborah Deering

ONLY at #23??? In it's spiffy new incarnation, it SHOULD be higher on the list!


Maybe Jeng Chi was good before. But checked out the rating trend of the restaurant. It has gone steep downhills. Here is my review.

The first 2 minutes already seemed troublesome. The front desk did not greet us as if we were just shopping. Only after we asked for a table did the waitress told us to wait for 10 minutes to be seated.
After we were seated, we found the menu rather bland and boring. Nevertheless we ordered one tofu dish, one noodle and an appetizer (leek turnover). The noodle came within 10 minutes.

But after I finished the noodle, my partner's dish was not served, not to mention the appetizer.

30 minutes later, we asked again. The waitress assured us that the dish was prepared and about to be served. That was a lie, as we saw dishes were brought out to other tables.

Another 5 minutes later, we asked whether we could at least have our appetizer. Then the waitress said the hot steam buns would be out in a minute. Wait, we did not even order that!

After that, we were too angry to protest. We left a 20 dollar bill on the table. (The noodle costs only 6 dollars. It would cover everything we had ordered.)  We walked out of the door and told the waitress this was unacceptably slow.

Guess what? They are not slow after all. 1 minute later, one waiter ran outside after us and urged us to go back to pay our meal. We shouldn't have had to pay the service or food we did not consume, but we did leave a 20-dollar bill on the table. The greediness and the terrible service left us speechless.

For anyone who wants authentic Chinese food, try Royal Sichuan, which is in the same plaza. The food is great and the service always satisfying.


Jeng Chi? OMG what a crock of dumplings. This place is incompetent, slow and rude with a boring as the Nebraska skyline menu. Give me a break. Get a life Dallas Observer!!!

Kelly Tomlinson
Kelly Tomlinson

Janelle Teng Francisco Teng, they're talking about you


I tried the XLB here a while back and they weren't very good. Service was horrible. Did they change owners or something?


@JaniceA I had them two weeks ago and they were, just  "OK". My favorite food items at Jeng Chi are the kale turnovers, baby clam soup, and the twice cooked pork.


Those dishes all sound lovely, I just got my hopes up about the XLB. I should come in with lowered expectations.

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