State Fair of Texas Warmup: The Fried Creations Start Rolling In

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Fried Jambalaya.jpg
Deep fried jambalaya at the State Fair of Texas
State fair season is here, especially in northern states that don't have to wait till summer's swelter abates to have a little fried food fun. Iowa and Minnesota recently released their food menus for this year's events, and there's a whole lot more to eat than fried things on a stick. (There is a lot of on-a-stick, too.) Consider this a warmup for the State Fair of Texas.

In Minnesota it looks like the Blue Moon Drive-in Theaters is leading the creativity front. They're not even leaning on bubbling oil to get their food to delicious. Chop dogs feature diced hot dogs cooked on a flat griddle and served in a bread pocket. Don't forget to order yours with chili. They're also making caramel corn with liquid nitrogen, so cups of sweetened confection trail a fog of vapor in the warm summer air.

In the definitely freaky category, Axel's is serving up Wisconsin cheddar cheese nuggets breaded with cocoa puffs, fried and served with a chocolate dipping sauce. Can you picture a toddler going to town on these? The little brown nuggets of melted cheese are sure to require two-dozen napkins at least.

Iowa meanwhile, boasts 60 distinct foods served on a stick. In addition to traditional corn dogs, fair goers can order fried brownies on-a-stick, a soft, salted, chocolate-dipped almond pretzel on-a-stick and something called a coconut mountain, yes, on a stick

There's even a smoothie on a stick, which is thankfully not deep fried. The simple strawberry smoothie is frozen impaled on a stick, and served to those looking for more healthy options of refreshment on a hot summer day.

Speaking of health matters, you better hit the gym, Texans. It won't be long before we're talking about our own coronary on a stick, right here in Dallas.

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I guess it's just the Yank ex pat in me, but I just don't get this fried food at the Fare (see that-pow!) thing.  I mean, it' s like 112 degree's out, I'm sitting in ball soup, I've spent 200 dollars winning an off colored stuffed animal made in Mexico, and now I'm going to eat a fried ding dong or some such, and then wander through the AG barn as my daughter looks at farm animals-no!  The overpowering smell of shite is bad enough, but then the eyes start falling off the cheap stuffed animal and the Kergie kid is crying, and the wife wants to watch the stupid horse shop-NO!. NO NO NO NO NO! Just say no to fried crap, say no diabetes, say no to fatness.  

Maybe it's fear inbred in me? I take one bite, and then I'm quaffing down al lmanner of fried this and fried that's, until I lose a leg due to complications of diabetes. No. 

And finally, the last thing that I want to do is drink a couple of Fair beera's, eat crap, and then get on the tea cups with my 4 year old.  Trust me, from experience, kids were screaming as I barfed not only on the tea cups, but also the bumble bee ride. Mom's were holding there kids eyes, and dad's were threatening to kill me.  Even the semi retarded, drug addled carnies looked me like I was Jeffrey Dahmer. No.  Just like Nancy Reagan, say no to pot, obscenity and fried foods. 



Yes yes, nobody likes ascot's......also, never trust someone in a fedora. Neck tat's?  If you have a neck tat, have you given up?  I mean, it's not a face tat, but you pretty much aren't getting a regular good paying job if you have a neck tat. I once operated an establishment where I personally had a zero visible tat, and no piercing policy. Last of the hold outs, that's me. 


35,000 Ranger fedoras will hit the streets tonight.

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