Every Day is a Good Day for Pie. Here Are Two Great Slices in Dallas.

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It's always a good day for pie. If you haven't pied much lately, then you've got some catching up to do. No worries about maintaining your curvy figure: It's the peak of summer, which means you'll sweat off those calories simply walking to your car.

Ebony and Ivory at Emporium Pies
Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney's 1982 number one hit, "Ebony and Ivory," a song we now know was about pie, is suddenly a little bit more bearable. It should come as no surprise that the ladies at the little pie shop in the Bishop Arts District never really miss when it comes to pie. I haven't had a bad one yet and that's certainly not for lack of trying as many as I can.

Ebony and Ivory is a buttermilk chess pie swirled with chocolate hazelnut spread (Nutella). As usual, it's not only the filling of the pie that is delicious, it's the immaculate science behind the structure and flavor of the crust. Flaky, light, buttery yet solid enough to sustain the rich ingredients: the crust brings it all together in beautiful pie heaven.


Key Lime Pie at 20 Feet Seafood Joint
As Marc and Sue Cassel hustle around their small restaurant in East Dallas, running baskets of delicate fish and chips and bloated sandwiches to anxious tables, there's also some serious pie in the mix. Make sure you add a slice of their Key lime pie to your tab. It arrives in small paper boat topped with a load of fresh whipped cream. The tart Key lime is refreshing and light, which is the perfect ending to what is usually a refreshing and light meal. An Ipswich clam sandwich followed by the smooth light green pie on crumbly graham cracker crust is a solid go-to dinner on a hot East Dallas evening.

On a long chalkboard above the register at 20 Feet, the Cassel's have the Hunter S. Thompson quote squeezed in between a few house rules and the menu, "Buy the ticket, take the ride."

And eat pie.

Both pies are seasonal, so get that ticket soon.

Location Info

Emporium Pies

314 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

20 Feet Seafood Joint

1160 Peavy Road, Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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IMO the Key Lime pie at 20 Feet is mediocre;  the chocolate pie is better.


The 20 Feet key lime pie is about half of what a normal pie serving is, at full price.


Mmmm Emporium yes. I would also like to submit for consideration the one and only dessert at Bowl & Barrel: the butterscotch pie. 

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