The Chesterfield Is Officially Dead: Long Live Prohibition and Blueberry Moscow Mules

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The Chesterfield that wasn't
The last time I checked in on the Chesterfield was back in January. I'd heard things were amiss at the popular bar and stopped in to order a drink. I requested a Sazerac and the bartender admitted he had no clue how to make one. That wasn't a great sign for a bar that markets itself around craft cocktail making.

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Something's Fishy at The Chesterfield

Leslie Brenner just broke the news on Eats Blog that a change at the bar is official. The Chesterfield is dead and replaced by Prohibition, a "roaring-1920s inspired lounge."

Josh Losinger, the general manager, came to the new concept from Sfuzzi. Losinger says the bartenders couldn't keep up with a cocktail menu that boasted more than 90 complex recipes and wait times approached 20 minutes on busy weekend evenings. So they've kept a few of the favorites drinks and ditched the rest.

Now you can get a Moscow Mule in peach, raspberry, blueberry, orange, cucumber and jalapeño flavors. There's a gimlet and an old fashioned cocktail on the menu too.

Losinger says they're been slowly working the transition over the last five weeks, and the menu has also gotten an overhaul (burgers, chicken sandwiches, flat breads, etc.) A new sign should be up in a week or two.

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The Chesterfield - CLOSED

1404 Main St., Dallas, TX

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Not exactly breaking news, guys. This was on Urban Daddy and SideDish and probably somewhere else a couple months ago...


It's been Prohibition since May. Guess that's what you get for always waiting for Bren-Bren to break news for you.

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