Sakhuu Express Take-out and Delivery Is Open in Oak Lawn and Worth Your Attention

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Back in May we told you about Kyla Phomsavana's plans to open a second Sakhuu on Lemmon Avenue. Phomsavana's first location, in East Dallas on Bryan Street, quickly became a neighborhood gem when it opened last year. His new spot promised to bring the same great food to Oak Lawn, for people who wanted to grab their grub and dash.

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They're now open, according to a news release I've just received, which included some drool-worthy photos and a look at the new menu. Remember those stuffed chicken wings?

They look as good as they always have. And there's a number of new items on the menu, including egg drop soup, fried rice and lo mein. It's kind of a weird, half Thai, half Chinese offering, but there are no fortune cookies so you'll have to make do with one of City of Ate's: You will have light wallet, round belly and happy smile soon.

Check it out for yourself, and notice the $2 delivery charge. Take out and delivery just got an upgrade in the Oak Lawn area.

Sakhuu Express Menu

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Not good; although I like East Dallas Sakuu, they still haven't perfected it has very weak moments imo.......

The appeal of the Bryan street location was that you knew the owners were working hard to make it work...........on site, in the kitchen, in the dining area..........always present....

A second location changes that dynamic;  they are now no longer "local" imo;  they are now just a corporate entity.


I really hope he isn't over extending himself and expanding too soon, as has happened to too many places in the past, only to see it all go away.


@NewsDog We picked up takeout from the ED original last night, and it was as good as always.  Still thinking about the stuffed chicken wings...

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