Private|Social's Awesome Texas Food Menu Was Not Enough

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Rumors of Private Social's closing have been fluttering around the Internet all weekend. They started with a short and unsubstantiated post on Crave DFW. "An inside source claims that Private Social will be closing permanently after the last shift this evening," it said.

On Sunday chef Najat Kaanache's tweet confirmed the closure...

Last Night @PrivateSocial Was The Last service We Closed ready for New Adventures within Food Thanks To My Great Team

Posts on the Facebook pages of Rocco Milano, the head barman, and sous chef Matt Medling also confirmed the closure and multiple calls to the reservation and special events lines went unanswered.

Private Social opened nearly two years ago with celebrity chef Tiffany Derry running the pass. Derry split at the beginning of this year, replaced by Kaanache, whose creative menu earned a single star in what Leslie Brenner described as a "modernist high jinks belly-flop."

When that menu failed, Kaanache released a new one featuring "awesome Texas food." Filled with Dallas references like Jake's Steak, Triple B Burly Brisket and a collection of heroes and burgers, the menu read like a sarcastic send-off as much as a genuine attempt to cater to the neighborhood palate.

We'll update this post should new information trickle in, but for now it looks like Private Social is done.

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Well, it really should have been called "Tiffany's Place."  It was an inevitable slow death once she left (Just likeTre at Marquee Grill). I miss Tiffany & Tre's cooking and hope they make it back on the scene soon. 


Not sure why you are so divisive when you say unsubstantiated when referring to cravedfw. Do you feel your tweet trumps an unnamed inside source? Petty.

scott.reitz moderator

@marileetennant What Julie said on all accounts. I'm not divisive towards CRAVE. Unsubstantiated isn't a derogatory term. It's an accurate description of that post.


What? They didn't call cravedfw unsubstantiated; they called the claim unsubstantiated. And it was, as at the time the item was posted there were no actual facts to back it up - only rumors and speculation.

So yeah, of course a tweet from the restaurant's head freaking chef trumps a report from an "unnamed inside source".

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