Dallas Beer Kitchen Opens on Greenville

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Dallas Beer Kitchen opened just more than a week ago, bringing more beer, burgers and bar food to the Greenville Avenue nightlife scene. Bryan Kaeser and Joe Scribner, who have been blogging at Best Damn Things, opened the the restaurant and bar with their wives. The website, devoted to food, beer and more food in and around Dallas has been a little quiet as of later, which is understandable considering opening up a restaurant is notoriously time consuming.

DBK is just down the street from Good Records. It's hard to miss with that whole "Now Open" banner and a massive roll up door that lets the outside in, should the weather be agreeable for such things. Inside, brick walls and cement floors volley the conversations about endlessly. It's loud, but not deafening, and the crowd skews young like most bars up and down the strand.

If you're here for a light lunch you might be a little disappointed. The menu at DBK skews heavy with plenty of bacon, burgers, sandwiches and fried things. The sandwiches are all named after movies -- As Good As It Gets features a ground brisket burger with cheddar, grilled onions and bacon and The Big Lebowski pairs the same burger with green chilies, sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese. The burgers and sandwiches run from $7-$13 and a side of super thick cut french fries will tack another $3 onto your bill.

There are 30 beers on tap from local (Peticolas, Lakewood) to Texas (Saint Arnold) to larger national labels. The beer menu lists the RateBeer score for each brew so you can tell what the Internet beer nerds think of your prospective choice. If you want to check them out, they're open 4 p.m. to midnight Monday through Friday and noon to midnight on Saturday and Sunday.

Dallas Beer Kitchen, 1802 Greenville Ave., Suite 110



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Dallas Beer Kitchen

1802 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

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Don't see this lasting too long.  Two established beer bars on the street and Blind Butcher coming soon from the owners of Goodfriend Beer Garden...not likely they will be able to compete.  They talk a big game but the result....eh.  "Dallas's beer hub" huh?  With that light Dallas beer selection I don't think so.  There is better beer on the street and even better beer elsewhere like the Common Table, Moth and Strangeways.


Should probably get a few more local beers if it's going to be called "Dallas Beer Kitchen."


I'm afraid this place is taking the "learn as you go" approach to running a restaurant. Kind of a disaster.

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