It's Time to Show Austin How Dallas Does Beer

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Fancy yourself a brew master? Austin-based Hops and Grain is asking home brewers to put their beer recipes to the test in their summer edition open beer recipe contest. Brewers of all skill levels have a chance to see their own brew become a regularly rotating Hops & Grain Greenhouse selection.

Sure, the contest is based a little far from home, but I can't help but to be entertained by the possibility that a Dallasite could emerge victorious and show those insufferable Austin hippy types that we know good beer. Besides, entering doesn't take too much energy -- all you have to do is email the recipe to

The top four recipes will be posted to the brewery's Facebook page and then an online vote will decide the winner. The way you guys vote for burgers in our online polls, I think we've got a good chance at taking this thing. We've just got to get one recipe that's good enough to make the final cut, and if a Dallasite makes it through, City of Ate will be sure to rally the voters.

The first time Hops & Grain held this contest the winning recipe was a horchata milk stout, so get ready to be creative. You guys did a great job coming up with some flavor ideas for Ben and Jerry's. You've got till July 15 to submit your potential winner. We've got this.

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