In Defense of the Piña Colada on this National Day of Piña Coladas

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A few weeks ago NPR ran a highly scandalous and under-researched piece called "The Tragedy of the Piña Colada" and for once we didn't feel bad for not pledging and thought, "There's finally something that NPR just doesn't get."

Now, while making love in the dunes on the cape might be a little too messy for some, there's something monumentally fantastic about a piña colada. Raise your hand if you'd rather be sipping a piña colada at any bar, pool or beach (or the best option: a bar in a pool at a beach!) than be wherever you are right now. Landslide! We won.

NPR's Dan Pashman and Rachel Martin's main contention with the drink is that it's too sweet, feels like a gut bomb and the key ingredient, Coco López, has too many ingredients ending in the letters A-T-E. And we're all like, SO!? Beach. Piña colada. Good times. Focus!

They even tapped Rachel Maddow for some advice. She's a mixologist. Go figure. She said the piña colada was "never wholesome."

Good. It wasn't supposed to be.

Thing is, as they point out, it's hard to get around Coco López, which is a little sticky and weird. But, soliciting actual cream out of a coconut is laborious and cheats us of the very sun-kissed don't-care flippancy that is the essence of the drink. Although for some, it might be worth the trouble (keep reading).

So, to bring harmony to this discord, we asked two badass local barkeeps for some alternative piña colada recipes. They've got Maddow? Well we have Fletcher and Biehler.

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nasty drink...reminds me of 1977.......we.....have....... evolved. 


@Kim McDonald 

Red Lobster.......Olive Garden, all Darden Group restaurants are for blue hairs and white trash. 

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