Hanna Raskin Bolsters Online Reviewers With Yelp Help

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Fancy yourself a potential power Yelper? A new e-book by Hanna Raskin promises to take your Yelp reviews to the next level. Raskin, who spent time here presiding over City of Ate when it was recognized by the Association of Food Journalists, has just published Yelp Help: How to Write Great Online Restaurant Reviews. You can pick it up on your Kindle for just three bucks.

Yelp Help offers advice for online reviewers who want to increase the usefulness and readability of their reviews. In fact, if everyone read her book, Yelp might be a little more helpful. Chapters demystify restaurants by defining industry terms and show how professional critics approach a review. There are pointers for finding your voice and assigning stars, as well as tips for improving your writing quality. It's time to scrub out those cliches Yelpers -- if you want your readers to believe a burger is great, you'll need to show them why it's so.

If the power cable on your Kindle is M.I.A. you can get a copy printed on something called paper, also on Amazon, next week.

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J_A_ topcommenter

I suck at writing restaurant reviews. That's why I write them on Yelp.


The chinless wonder lives on through Yelp!


There are so many other ways to get accurate information about restaurant quality and service that I never use Yelp anymore.  So many of the Yelp reviews are just grinding an ax about one imagined slight or another.  It is going to take a lot to get Yelp to rise to anything above the current "I don't like this place because the napkins are brown" observations. 


Does it include tips on how to review a restaurant objectively when you feel like crap?

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