Alligator Cafe To Take Over Rosemont Spot in Deep Ellum

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The Aligator Cafe's gumbo will be available in Deep Ellum again.
Back in June we ran an article calling for more places to eat in Deep Ellum and wondered what would become of the space Tracy Miller briefly occupied with Rosemont. Yesterday, Side Dish dropped news that chef Ivan Pugh would be bringing the Cajun cooking of Alligator Cafe to the clean, sleek dining room. Renovations have already begun.

The move is a bit of a homecoming. Just more than a year ago the restaurant was moved from its location just outside of downtown on Live Oak all the way to Casa Linda.

The Alligator Cafe boasts eight Best of Dallas awards since 2005, including five Best Cajun Restaurant awards, Best Root Beer, Best Fried Catfish and a Reader's Pick Award in 2010.

Since the move to Casa Linda The Dallas Morning News published a glowing three star review about the new location. That piece was penned by special contributor Merritt Martin, who (hi, Merritt!) used to work at the Observer as our arts editor, proving that your favorite alt-weekly has a pretty big gumbo-boner for Ivan Pugh's cooking.

The new location is supposed to open up in early fall, and no, there won't be any hurricanes on the drinks menu. It will focus on beer and wine instead.

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Will the Casa Linda location remain open?


Looking forward to eating their food. We really don't have enough cajun in Dallas and these guys have a proven reputation.

Jamie Bolton
Jamie Bolton

Love this place....thanks to friends Leslie Lopez and John Frazier

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