7-Eleven's Under Attack: It's Free Slurpee Day

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Yes, yes it's free Slurpee day at 7-Eleven stores across the country. The promotion has whipped area munchkins into a fervor.

I had to battle my way to the machine to secure my own (sugar-free mango because I'm trying to care about myself) and the free, small-sized cups were flying off the shelves quickly.

And that's the rub. Like most good things (and not so good things) supplies are limited. Once the cups are gone, so is the love, and you'll be asked to fork over your hard-earned cash to enjoy a saccharine brain freeze courtesy of the convenience store super giant.

The display of free cups at the store on Oak Lawn Avenue adjacent to the Observer was nearly wiped out by the time I got there, and the clerks were visibly agitated by the army of kids dispensing frozen corn syrup with reckless abandon.

Hurry, the party is almost over.

It's come to this

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Every indigent f+ck in north Texas was out, en force, yesterday with this promotion....I just went in to buy some dat beera, and was hit by a wall of poverty, diabetes, fatness and utter rudeness! 

Danni McCarthy
Danni McCarthy

I am sure that there will be some sort of violent act because someone cut in front of someone for there slurpee

Terrence Wilsön
Terrence Wilsön

Thanks for that Charbel...Someone's always got to be the turd in the sandbox I suppose;)

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