Five Perfect Drinks for Your Juice Cleanse!

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A friend of mine told me she was on the last day of her juice cleanse the other day. She didn't seem very happy. In fact, she couldn't wait to eat real food again. As she sipped her juice, I felt bad for her. Immediately, I knew she hadn't enjoyed her cleanse because she had simply chosen the wrong juice drinks. Cleanses can be fun, you guys. I promise. You just have to know what juices to drink. Warning ahead of time: This could get expensive. Juice-cleansing is pricy. But it's worth the results. You just have to stay committed to it. Without further ado, here are the five best juice recipes for your juice cleanse (in no particular order):


Orange juice offers the Vitamin C your body craves. Vodka is delicious. Best cleanse ever.


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Michels Lazare

The more mojitos you have, the better you will feel. It's a known fact. Plus, muddling helps you burn extra calories. And the lime juice is great for digestion!


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On the rocks with salt, silly. Do not order a frozen margarita. Ever. It will give you a brain freeze, and it won't give your body the restorative properties from the fresh lime juice.


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Olive juice is so good for you. Enjoy the antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and instant partytimes in this beverage.



Never have a UTI again! The cranberry juice in this beverage will cleanse you so hard.

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Can't go wrong with beer


So does this mean liquors are good for colon cleanse? I am so anxious to know about the ingredient/component that is mixed in these juices. Juice cleanse is vital but is this way?


Wait, so a juice cleanse is really nothing more than a bender? I must be the healthiest SOB in town (who has difficulty putting on his socks).  

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