You Can Actually Order a Krusty Burger Now. Not That You'd Want To.

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Because the food at Universal Studios wasn't bad enough, Krusty Burgers will be available to visitors who check out the new Simpsons-themed strand of restaurants known as Fast Food Boulevard. This painfully long promotional video gives you a window into the junk food that's available.

In addition to Krusty Burgers that actually look crusty (the meat patties are kept warm on a steam table) you can drink Duff Beer at Moe's Tavern, eat fried seafood at the Frying Dutchman and grab a slice at Luigi's.

Yes, the Ribwich is available. The processed meat sandwich based on the McRib that gave Homer Simpson visions (after eating 30) joins a "Clogger Burger," which will set you back $12.99. The double burger comes with 6-ounce patties topped with bacon, secret sauce, cheddar cheese sauce, a giant tomato slice and iceberg lettuce, served on a specialty bun.

I'm waiting for the next Internet fad diet to start. It worked out well for Homer.

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Someone please shoot me if I ever come to believethat I want to go there and eat any of that processed swill! Yours would be a "crime" of compassion and charity.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

"Ewww! I almost swallowed some of the juice!"

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