Variance To Expand Jonathon's Approved. Get Ready for the Craziest Waffle Ever.

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City Hall yesterday approved the variance that will allow Jonathon's Oak Cliff to expand its kitchen. Now a small zoning approval regarding an expanded parking requirement is all that stands between hungry brunchers and some crazy new waffles.

Co-owner and chef Jonathon Erdeljac says months of planning should expedite the project that will increase the size of his kitchen by more than 400 square feet. "We started this process back in November," Erdeljac said, noting the restaurant has continued to expand sales the entire time, taxing his tiny kitchen even more. He's hoping work will start in the next week or two and be completed by the end of July.

Fans of the restaurant shouldn't notice any changes as the build-out moves forward. Erdeljac says the addition will be built independent of the current kitchen and he hopes the wall can be removed and the two kitchens linked without interrupting normal business hours.

What customers will notice, however, are a lot more waffles. The current kitchen only has room for two waffle irons but the new space will include five. The increased capacity has the chef dreaming up an arsenal of high-caloric gut bombs including a bacon-stuffed waffle called the "all in one" that will be topped with a scramble of eggs, sausage and cheese with a Sriracha drizzle to finish.

Did you hear that, hangovers? I said a bacon-stuffed waffle topped with a scramble of eggs, sausage and cheese with a Sriracha drizzle to finish.

Erdeljac also sounds pretty excited for the new walk-in refrigerator that will replace the two reach-ins he currently has stationed under a counter. "I am the only chef that buys celery three stalks at a time," he said as he bemoaned his tiny kitchen. "Most chefs buy celery by the case."

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Kergo, while I do not disagree with any of the facts you present (there were some there, right?) Your manner of presenting your opinion is both offensive and rude. You are what is wrong with the internet. 


I wonder why Texas is SO fat?  It can't be the Fried Chicken, or the Chicken Fried Chicken-right?  No one eats like this in the rest of the country!  Shheeeeesh, only in Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Eastern Texas.  I SO don't understand Southern Food, never have, never liked it.......anything that immobilizes you right after you eat it, is bad.  Here's a tip, lay off the honey this, and Honey Boo Boo, and lard soaked treats, and you won't weigh 3 bills; just sayin'. Mix in a nice salad (right now I recommend a cool cucumber and roma tomato salad, with fresh parm and vinaigrette), maybe a smoked chicken breast (get the grill hot, put a thin piece of chicken on said grill, and marinated in Sprite, and lightly salt and pepper-voile, on;ly 100 calories, and fast!) , or maybe pig out and have a nice burger, but eating deep fried whatever will just make yer cow heart explode. 

Methinks that a person who eats deep fried crap more than 2 times a week may:

-have the nickname bubba

-employee the services of "tanker pants"

-smoke and drive a Rascal

-crush cheap beer cans of his head

-weeze when they walk

-have the flap of there arm touch the tip of my beer at a Rangers game; I just threw my 8 dollar beer on the ground after this happened; it was all sweaty and droopy, and touching my beloved Budlight.

ps-Completely getting rid of deep fried crap will be like ridding the world of polio, it'll only make the world a better place.   Rise above the shite folks!  YOU, ARE, BETTER THAN THIS.


Hey great news!  Fantastic food and great service, too. 


@daveguy7  'offensive and rude'. if that is what is wrong with the internet, he don't want to be right.



Thank you?  "Offensive and rude" are not even the worst things I've been called today!  So I'm taking your comments as WIN WIN! I have never thought that anything was/is wrong with the internet, as in life, both good and bad are represented, and magnified. Remember, I fight injustice (cue the patriotic music), lies, false perceptions, and am a champion of our dying, life blood giving middle class;  SO, if I come across as an ass here-ok, I still have the good that I do 95% of the time to rest upon.  


@monstruss @daveguy7 To know Kergo is to love Kergo. But, it does take a while.

Love ya, Kergie!

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