Still Thirsty? Here's the Wine Rack Bra and Beer Belly for When a Cup Just Won't Do.

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Wine Rack Bra
So, there's probably no need for me to walk you through this. It's a super strength plastic bag precisely placed inside a sports bra. Kathy Lee first introduced the wine rack bra on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno more than a year ago (surprised?), so if people who actually watched Leno had any need for this item, then it would be old news. As it is, we find this pretty amazing, in the sense of "Why hasn't someone thought of this before?"

The wine rack's polyurethane bladder holds up to 750 ml (or 25 ounces) of liquid. And the drinking tube can be routed different ways to accustom your specific logistical needs while drinking. As you drink and deflate, you can compensate by blowing air into the tube. There are really so many things to say here, but you just take it down in the comments.

And, in case you men feel left out, there's also a beer belly. The beer belly, which could also double as a baby belly, holds more than six beers and probably doesn't make you hot or sweaty at all. We particularly like how the photo was taken at a track. Because he's probably about to jog.

And, if you prefer to stay the size you are, well just sit down. There's also a Stadium Sippin' Seat, which holds 300 pounds (not of beer -- of people upon it) and 750 ml of liquid on the inside. There are lots of color options for this one, for proper matching.

All three creative flask options are $29.95.

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hmmmm... where was this when I was in college? 

Rob Sarno
Rob Sarno

This could come in handy for a bike ride or an ironman.

Steve Austin
Steve Austin

Will there be a "Bro" model available for men?


trying to get a patent for my Kardashian Keg. get drunk outta the trunk!

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