Second Chiladas Fresh Mex Grill Brings Hand-Rolled Enchiladas to Park Cities

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Chiladas Fresh Mex Grill is poised for a local takeover. The restaurant opened its second location in University Park on Lovers Lane last week, and five additional locations are expected over the next two years in the DFW area.

Chipotle fans will recognize the playbook. Ingredients are sourced responsibly, using produce that can be traced back to the exact farm and even the plot of land it came from, according a news release about the restaurant. Imagine ordering the ingredients for your burrito by GPS coordinates. Do you have any Rae Lili Farm tomatoes from row three today? I hear they got a little extra sun this year.

Other ingredients seem to be a little less pedigreed. No responsible farming guidelines are detailed for any of the meats. Instead, they're simply described as USDA, which means little more than safe to eat, and says nothing about how the animals are raised and slaughtered.

Claims like that one (and hand-rolled enchiladas) make Chiladas read like just another Tex-Mex restaurant. Chiladas is owned by Williamson Family Investments, which also operates 11 TaMolly's locations across Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

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6145 Windhaven Parkway, Plano, TX

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meh, they really need to put a little more thought and effort into those 2 sauces that land on the table. The red one looks and tasted like canned stewed tomatoes and little else. FAIL


Love the "hand-rolled enchilada" brag.  As if Ojeda's cooks use their feet?

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

At least they don't have a freezer and microwave like Ojeda's does.

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