Tom's Burgers And Grill: The Greatest Diner of All Time

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Catherine Downes
Oh. My. Word.
If you live in Dallas and ever travel to Fort Worth, (which you should, the wings and art and music are all great there) you should stop at Tom's Burgers and Grill. If you live in Fort Worth and ever travel to Dallas, you should stop at Tom's Burger and Grill too. If you live in Arlington you likely already know about Tom's and good for you. The rest of you, listen up.

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The potato chip encrusted chicken-fried steak drew me in first. Katharine Shilcutt, who recently left our sister paper Houston Press , called me out months ago with regards to the crispy, fried specimen. I finally made it over there a few weeks ago to give it a try and found a whole lot more.

It's the staff that stood out the most across every visit. During my first, a waiter warned that the queso didn't look so hot that evening. That sort of honesty is pretty rare at most restaurants -- let alone a diner. And it was a welcomed respite from the endless chorus of "everything's good here." On every visit the staff was warm and welcoming. Good service makes all the difference.

Of course, free beer doesn't hurt things either. It may be just enough to catapult Tom's into the best diner in the history of forever. Sure, it's Bud Select, but it's hard to argue with the cost. And if you're going to be eating deep-fried meat inside a potato chip crust and beer battered onion rings, you need to save all the calories you can.

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Toms Burgers & Grill

1530 N. Cooper St., Arlington, TX

Category: Restaurant

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1)Eat chicken fried whatever, mashed tater's and gravy

2)Go directly to the hospital for heart transplant

Dallas Observer
Dallas Observer

Yeah, I should have said Metroplex. Sometimes I forget everywhere isn't Dallas.

Jarod Byrd
Jarod Byrd

you had me at free beer yesterday

Zac Kraus
Zac Kraus

better said "The Metroplex" or DFW!

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

Toms is the bomb, a giant gut bomb, but oh so wonderful.  If you live in Arlington and have not eaten there, you should be thrown out of the city.


Still the best burger place/diner in Arlington; it never gets the love it deserves. The onion rings are great too, so is the free beer.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

That picture on the right.  If I ate that nasty looking thing I'd throw up. 

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