Nora Expanding into Neighboring Retail Space

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Nora's new dining room more than doubles the space inside the Greenville Avenue restaurant.
Big changes are under way at Nora, the Afghan restaurant that opened last year on Greenville Avenue. This weekend, opaque plastic obscured the windows as workers on scaffolding tended to the exterior of the building.

Chef and owner Matt Pikar took control of the adjacent space and knocked down the walls to open up a private dinning room. The patio space in front of the restaurant has doubled, and a roof deck is planned to open later this summer as well.

The restaurant was forced to close for two days on short notice recently as the kitchen also undergoes renovations. Pikar says he's reworking the menu to take advantage of the expanded kitchen space, adding a few new dishes like a braised lamb shank and new desserts as well.

Tables and chairs are due in this week and the downstairs renovations are expected to be completed by the end of June, while the roof deck is expected to open in July. When it does guests can expect an outdoor drinking space with a new garden. Cocktails designed by Jason Kosmas will be featured alongside small snack plates including dried fruits and olives.

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1928 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

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Can someone please show me one mind-blowing cocktail Jason Kosmas has come up with? I hear his name thrown around so often, and every time I try one of the cocktails he "came up with", it seems like the dude is just really good at Google.

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