New Yorkers Finally Discover Breakfast Tacos

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This weekend's New York Times had a headline that every Texan should appreciate. Apparently New Yorkers have finally realized that tacos are breakfast food -- a revelation that has undoubtedly changed the lives of the supreme urbanites forever.

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Four restaurants serving the morning delicacy were listed in the article, offering tacos that ranged from $3-4.95 each. And while I realize that Dallasites have it good with respect to breakfast taco availability, some of these food descriptions make me wish local restaurants would do a little more to up their taco game.

A coffee shop in Williamsburg named Whirlybird might have you salivating with their egg, cheese and potato tacos. The cooks finish each one with a hot red pepper stew and a sprinkle of jalapeño potato chips. Dont' fret too badly, though. While the flavor combination sounds amazing, the cooks at Whirlybird use corn tortillas when flour tortillas are obviously best.

The tacos served at Gueros Brooklyn are a little harder to slough off, though. We can get a massive taco filled with tortilla strips and scrambled eggs right here at Taco Joint, but they're tucked into manufactured tortillas. Gueros, on the other hand, uses flour tortillas made fresh on-site. That sort of thing is tough to find here in Dallas on the breakfast taco circuit.

Good 2 Go taco serves what I think are the best breakfast tacos in Dallas, and Taco Joint does a respectable job as well, but we could use a few more good options to save our sad Saturday mornings.

I had high hopes for the breakfast tacos at Ascension Coffee, but they make theirs the night before, wrap them in foil and then reheat them in the morning. It's an incredibly lazy move that assures a terrible taco.

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Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Now, if only Dallas could finally discover the edible bagel........

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

The hope of good food coming out of anything that Brooke runs is...well it that.

And I do miss whirlybird.


Now that you are in East Dallas try Los Lupes


Sigh, this is an awful article. Try going to better places in Dallas if you are going to complain about the offerings (taco joint is the equivalent of a non-chain Taco Bueno)


@dallas1845  I love Taco Joint breakfast tacos. got no problem with the Taco Bueno comparison.

scott.reitz moderator

@dallas1845Let's have them. I love eggs are tortillas (preferably with absurd quantities of butter and bacon because why not) and I'm hungry. I'm always hungry.

Soo hungry.

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