Mesero Miguel and "The Pedro" Coming To Henderson Avenue

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Workers today covered the windows of 2822 N. Henderson Ave. with the brown butcher paper that marks most build-outs, for what restaurateur Mico Rodriguez calls a complete renovation to make way for Mesero Miguel, an upscale version of the Mr Mesero he opened on McKinney Avenue in 2011.

"We're going to have halibut and flank steak and ceviches, along with enchiladas, tacos and other Mr Mesero favorites" Rodriguez says.

The upstairs portion of the property will hold a bar called "The Pedro." Rodriguez is hoping to use the bar space to draw some of the light-night crowd that imbibes along Henderson Avenue. He's plans to open late this summer.

Rodriguez, founder of Mi Cocina and Taco Diner, says the new concept will have better bathrooms and better furniture, and the dining room will be decorated in a '60s Palm Springs design.

News broke earlier this spring that the location, former home of Alma and -- briefly -- Lemon Bar, would be getting back to its Mexican roots.

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keep this shite on the westside, don't douche up the greenville avenue


Hmmmm.  "upscale" Mexican.  Which sounds to me very much like the $18 enchiladas I tried at Alma, once.  This place will suck.  And fail.



Ever tried Mr Mesero? 

Or how about that new place that basically invented upscale Mexican, whats it called???


yea there is just no way this town will support upscale Mexican

cncoats 2 Like

Cuba Libre should have never closed


@cncoats 10-4 

They just kicked so much ass they got bored kicking ass and went off elsewhere to look for a challenge, like dumping before you can get dumped...quite respectable  

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