Make Haste to the Holy Grail for Bourbon Week

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Sara Kerens
The Holy Grail Pub in Plano is hosting a bourbon event this week that craft beer fans (or just straight bourbon fans) should note. Last year the Holy Grail had a day dedicated to all things bourbon, including both whiskey tasting flights and special tappings of limited release bourbon-aged beers. The event went so well they decided to extend it to an entire week. So, for the past year or so they've been collecting barrels of beer and are now ready to share their loot with the world.

Each day they will tap a keg of bourbon-aged beers, starting with Oskar Blues bourbon barrel-aged Dale's Pale Ale, today (Monday, June 10).

Tuesday they will tap North Coast Brewing Co.'s bourbon barrel-aged Old Rasputin XV, which they expect to go rather quickly.

Wednesday is local brewer Lakewood's bourbon barrel-aged Temptress.

Thursday they'll have (512) bourbon barrel-aged Double Pecan Porter and Friday Real Ale's Scots Gone Wild.

In addition to all those, plus bottles of Saint Arnold Bishop Barrel #3 and Full Sail Top Sail barrel-aged stout, there will be $15 flights of whiskey from Balcones, Jameson and Kentucky bourbons, including T/X from Firestone and Robertson in Fort Worth.

Perhaps the best item? (Saving for last.) Bourbon-soaked peach cobbler.

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Holy Grail Pub

8240 Preston Road, Plano, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Love the Holy Grail. It has been way too long since I have been there, I think I've found a reason to go back.


Consumed an unreasonable amount of beer not once, but twice last week at the Holy Grail. One of my favorite restaurants and easily my favorite place to drink. Good staff, good food and good vibes. 

Before the wife got pregnant we absolutely haunted this place.

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