First Look of Weekend Coffee at the Joule Hotel

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Photos by Catherine Downes
Dallas' newest coffee spot, Weekend, might not officially be open to the public, but it has been quietly brewing cups of coffee for those in the know since May. The chic coffee shop is located inside the Joule Hotel (on the Commerce Street side), next to the recently opened, LA-based indie/designer boutique TenOverSix. "Weekend is a mix between high brow and low brow aesthetics," TenOveSix and Weekend co-owner Joe Cole explains, "it's about an experiential environment pairing great coffee with a playful atmosphere." While the shop clearly takes pride in its coffee quality, the overall vibe, from the makeshift wooden shelves covered in kitschy merchandise and coffee makers to the shop's easygoing baristas, is laid back.

Weekend doesn't offer any prebrewed options. Rather, the baristas serve up single cups for each customer. The shop's primary method is via Hario V60s that are mounted onto a custom drip bar. The shop also features a single-cup brewing machine called the Trifecta. Not into single cup brews? Weekend has a customized La Marzocco Strada MP machine from which they pour shots for their espresso-based drinks. The shop gets its beans from Victrola Coffee Roasters out of Seattle, and is collaborating with chef Ruben Torano, who has come up with treats like an oversized guava-filled Pop Tart-esq pastry and a savory scone with a hard boiled egg in the middle.

Weekend is scheduled to open on Wednesday, June 19.




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Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Myrna is quite put out by the owners of the Joule.  Those gorgeous old buildings dumbed horribly down the way they've done.  TenOver Six... give me a break.


Oh boy, I know "gittin" a cup of coffee at Denny's "ain't" cool, but you'll save yerself an arm, and a leg. The purpose for being in this environment is what?: 

-Feeling like you are in Soho?  Well go to Soho; that's the beauty of what it is-travel!  Just because they put a replica of Paris in Vegas, it DOESN'T make it Paris.

-Being trendy?.....oh brother, disposable world.

-You WANT to be treated like a star?  You think our grandfathers that fought in WWII, and died on the beaches of Normandy, think this is normal? 

ps-We, as a society, are becoming soft-and vulnerable.  

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