Best Little Brewfest Hits Texas Motor Speedway This Saturday

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Texas Motor Speedway
Take a left, left, then another left to get to the beer fest this weekend. You'll see it on the left.
It's another beer festival. Are we getting tired of these? No! We're not! That was totally a loaded question. Beer festivals are a great chance to try new brews. Instead of investing five, seven or 10 dollars in a beer you're not sure you'll like, you get to dabble in different flavors, perhaps discover something new.

So, get your beer boots out and starch your favorite Fort Worth pants. The Best Little Brewfest in Texas is this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway - the large infield garage more specifically. More than 50 craft brewers from across Texas will be there with 100-plus different beers to sample.

Gates open at 2 p.m. and a general admission ticket ($30) will get you 12, 2-ounce samples. Additional tasting cards can be bought for $5. Parking is free. They kindly request you keep the little ones and pets at home for this event, but go ahead and bring the lawn chair if you're partial to sitting.

All of the proceeds from the event go to local Alzheimer's Association and Teen Suicide Prevention.

A few of the special beers they know they'll have include Saint Arnold's Pumpkinator; Leinenkugel's new barley wine; a mint IPA from No Label Brewing Co. out of Katy; and DEBC will have their aged barely wine, Numb Comfort as well.

Several local bands will perform: The Rob Donnelly Band, Mockingbyrd Station, Chrome Headers and The Knocking.

For sustenance, there will be food trucks.

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TMS Brewfest at TMS:


-Natty Light


-Coors Extra Extra's worse than regular Coors light, you have to drink while in the company of a toilet.

They are also having a Foodfest:

-2 AM Jack in the Box Taco's


-Bologna Sandwiches

-Walmart cheap hotdogs (88 cents a pack)


At least the Uptown brahs won't be there.


" Instead of investing five, seven or 10 dollars in a beer you're not sure you'll like"

Don't most bars, as does Jack Mac's Swill & Grill, offer a free taste of any of the beers on tap?

Mervis_Earl 1 Like

Sure but do you think they will give you 12 at sitting?

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