We Asked Local Brewers to Recommend Each Other's Beers. See What They Had to Say.

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A while back, we asked five local brewers which of their beers they recommend for a nice summer session. Remember that?

Well, now we've turned the tables and put them on the spot. We asked those same brewers to recommend their favorite summer session beers from another local brewery. After a few uncomfortable pauses, they broke down and shared their go-to summertime picks from the competition.

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Wim Bens, president and brewer, Lakewood Brewing Co.: Real Ale Hans' Pils
Bens hedged a bit when posed with this question so we conceded and altered our original question from local to regional breweries. With that, he recommended Real Ale Hans' Pils straight out of Texas Hill Country in Blanco. Hans' Pils won the silver medal at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival. It's hoppier than your average pilsner with notes of spice and floral creating a nice balance.

Meredith Havens, beer expert and marketing, Community Beer Co.: Real Ale 4-Squared
Also hesitant to name anything too close to home, Havens proved Real Ale a go-to provider of refreshing summer beers. What do you get when you take the ever popular Firemans #4 and throw in some additional hops and two-row malted barley? You guessed it: 4-Squared. While Hans' Pils is available year-round, 4-Squared is their summer seasonal, so get it while you can.

Michael Peticolas, founder and brewer, Peticolas Brewing Co.: Franconia Koelsch and Four Corners Local Buzz
Keeping it local, Peticolas chose two beers brewed right here in the area. With a citrus-y, floral aroma, the Franconia Koelsch starts off light and refreshing with a nice, hoppy finish. Light and sweet with a low ABV, it's a perfect summer beer. His other choice? Four Corners Local Buzz -- a light, refreshing, crisp beer with hints of honey.

Tait Lifto, sales and brand ninja, Deep Ellum Brewing Co.: Do I have to pick just one?
It took some prodding on our part, but once the floodgates of Lifto's beer love opened, it became clear that Texas knows how to do craft beer. Even though we were talking more specifically about lighter summer session beers with lower ABVs, Lifto still drinks the heavier stuff in the heat. "I don't care -- I'll always drink [Peticolas] Velvet Hammer. Always," he said. "And of course, [Revolver] Blood & Honey." Other favorites include: Live Oak HefeWeizen, Real Ale Hans' Pils and Franconia Wheat.

Rhett Keisler, founder and owner, Revolver Brewing Co.: Peticolas Golden Opportunity
One of only two sessionable beers Michael Peticolas has ever brewed (the other being their rarely seen Alfred Brown Ale), Golden Opportunity was created with Texas summers in mind: "You can drink 10 of them when it's 110 degrees outside," said Peticolas. "It's the definition of a summer session beer -- refreshing to drink while not getting you so jacked up if you keep drinking." Keisler appreciates that.

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Hey y'all!

I'm Meredith, the girl who was interviewed by Alicia for Community Beer Company.  Just to make sure we are all clear: Alicia did not ask Wim from Lakewood or I what our favorite local beer was.  She asked what light summer seasonal were our go-tos and at the time of the interview, there were not any Dallas seasonals out yet, so as for me, I went as local as I could think of for a light summer seasonal.  I can only assume Wim did the same.  I'd be wary of what you read.  Articles like this do more to hurt our beer community than help.   All the local craft breweries are a tight knit group of friends.  I have invited Alicia to join our group and learn a bit about the brewing industry here in Dallas.  We all love everyone's beers.  We hang out with each other. And we support each other.  That's why we love beer.  It's communal.  So please forgive the competition that Alicia assumes we have.  It's beer.  It's awesome.  We're awesome!  You're awesome! And Dallas is awesome!  And on the record:  I LOVE PETICOLAS' Velvet Hammer!  I LOVE DEEP ELLUM's Numb Comfort!  I LOVE LAKEWOOD's Temptress!  I LOVE FOUR CORNERS IPA!  I LOVE FRANCONIA's Dunkle!  I LOVE RAHR's Winter Warmer!  I LOVE MARTIN HOUSE's Imperial Texan! (But do you see the pattern?  Dark, malty and high octane!  I'm not a light beer drinker.  I'm a Texan and I like it BIG!)  So come on out to any of our tours and discover your favorite local beer yourself or follow the Dallas Beer Scene to see where any one of the awesome DFW breweries are located any given evening.  Cheers!


oops!  I forgot... I LOVE REVOLVER's Blood and Honey!

Mervis_Earl like.author.displayName 1 Like

Thanks for replying swedemere. I thought it was a bit weird that a local brewmeister might take issue with recommending anothers brew. These guys/gals do seem to be into the community rather than the buck......not that you don't have to make a buck as well.

I'll hoist a Community brew in salute tonight at the Saucer while watching the Blackhawks.


Mervis_Earl like.author.displayName 1 Like

Kinda lame that the first two listed would not play along with the game. It's just beer and I don't think the masses will just up and leave either of those brewers based on their recommendation of another brewers beer. Insecure much?


@Mervis_Earl I agree. however in their defense what local beers can the consumer get that are not draft only? The 2 non-local picks are the only ones I can go to a store and purchase. excluding driving to Dallas for a growler fill. Also 4-squared is 6%. is that really a session beer? Someone should have picked Martin House Daybreak


@yonj46 yeah, she asked for light, not sessionable.  Light is simply the level of malting the grain went through... not the ABV.  Not all these words are interchangeable when you become a super beer geek like me.  :)  I apologize for steering anyone wrong.  But I do enjoy a 6% beer as a session...as long as all I have to do is lounge around a pool and chit chat.  :)


@yonj46 Yes! We have a bottling line on the way!  So soon, very soon!  And thanks for the props on our Lager!  We are very lucky folks to be living in such a craft rich city.  It takes time for the non-beer geeks to learn the lingo, but with our powers combined... we make Captain... uh wait... we can make... a truly unique, cultured, and well educated beer scene!  Keep up the good work yonj46!  As they say, there are people who make beer, and people who make beer happen!  It takes both!  Cheers!

yonj46 like.author.displayName 1 Like

@swedemere I understand light vs session. I consider myself a beer geek and extremely jealous of your job. Interesting she asked "light" but article states "session". Some of my favorite session beers are not light at all, for example that great Vienna Lager you guys have. I was defending you, since Dallas although maturing in brewery #'s, we haven't yet got all them packaging beer in the market. Any plans for Community soon?  I agree 6% can be sessionable. However the BMC crowd is used to 4.2% and a few too many 6% and they complain craft beer gives em a headache! Cheers.

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