Trader Joe's on Greenville Avenue Will Open in August

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The grand opening of the Fort Worth Trader Joe's recieved an enthusiastic response.
Yesterday The Dallas Morning News' Biz Beat Blog broke the news that Trader Joe's had finally announced the anticipated opening date for the Greenville Avenue location. Starting Friday, August 9, you'll be able to buy all the Two Two-Fifty Buck Chuck you desire, right in East Dallas.

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Of course, you may want to skip opening day. Accounts of the melee captured on City of Ate describe absolute madness at the grand opening of the Fort Worth location.

Lauren Daniels braved crowds and reported lines that ran the entire length of aisles, blocking her access to beefless ground beef. Carts overflowed, and wait times passed 30 minutes for some customers despite 12 manned registers.

Anyway, if this sort of thing sounds exciting to you, you should get to the store early. A line started at 5:30 a.m. for the last opening despite a driving drizzle. Or you could wait a day or two, which is about all it should take for this location to go from a ravenous-mob-inducing nightmare to just another neighborhood grocery.

The store will open at 8 a.m. and maintain regular operating hours of 8 a.m.-9 p.m. daily.

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Living nearby, I'm very excited about the opening of Trader Joe's on Greenville Avenue. I've had experience shopping at their stores in California and I was always very impressed with their quality and pricing.

They've always been very concerned about having the very highest quality for the lowest possible price. 

And how can you beat a more than decent bottle of wine for only $2.50?

Alejandro Monjaras
Alejandro Monjaras

I moved from LA to Dallas three years ago and there was talk of it opening, never did. Now I am living in Tampa, FL and there's been talk of one opening here for the past year. Guess I have another two years of waiting for it here as well.


Still boycotting....  Wal Mart over a new hella cool park???   Thanks for ruining the neighborhood.

Trader Joe's has always been a west coast visit mandatory stop for me anyways. 


I love all these upscale/different grocery options that have sprung up around here in the last 15 years........CM, Specs, Trader Joe's, Market Street, etc.; it's raised the bar on conventional grocery outlets-WE WIN!

ps-OK, when do I pick up my TOP COMMENTER badge and gift certificate to Dickey's Outlet store? 


Trader Joe's - The "In-N-Out Burger" of grocery chains.  




Trader Joe's and In-N-Out Burger are just more options for our perusal; and we lose how? It's all about options buddy-and an ace up the sleeve. OPTIONS.

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