The 11 Best Bites from the Dallas Observer Iron Fork 2013

Sausage orgy
Hopefully you made it to Iron Fork last night. Hopefully you dressed lightly. While massive blowers at the front of the venue did their best, the back of the Dallas Contemporary was quite warm. I'm half convinced that Matt McCallister's sweat was the magical ingredient that propelled the young chef to victory, but I'll let Alice tell that tale in another post. What I want to focus on is all the amazing food I devoured at the event. Honestly, there were some really good bites, starting with that mess of sausage in the picture above.

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Kuby's sausage plate may not have been the prettiest presentation at Iron Fork, but it was a serious contender for the most delicious. It almost seems odd that the line to Kuby's table was much longer than other participants given the simplicity of their presentation, but that just goes to show that when you carefully cook great ingredients, great things always happen. With a big spoonful of mustard this little sausage party was a really winner. And it was just the beginning.

Mesa brough a stellar ceviche served in cups with a few sturdy tortilla chips to add crunch and salt to the dish. The fish was fresh and bright with citrus and the salty chips formed the perfect utensil. Chef Raul Reyes was on hand himself handing out these delicious cups of briny seafood.


Every time I write about the Londoner it's to extol the virtues of their fish and chips. At Iron Fork this year, they doled out bowls of warm chicken tikka masala. The only problem? Availability. This shit should be offered up in several locations across Dallas from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. Thursday-Saturday. Hangovers would be eradicated forever.


Scardello brought some really impressive cheeses. With the volume of attendees, I thought these guys might try to bring a few tubs of Velveeta. Instead they brought a Scharfe Maxx 365 and a Brazos Valley Cheddar among others. They did Iron Fork attendees well.


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Sweat lodge for a good cause.  The food was great, but would love to see more wine options next year. Last night's options were pretty limited.

Kym Brown Donachie
Kym Brown Donachie

Jasper's Loaded Potato Chips! Rathburn Catering's Antelope and Corn stuff was awesome, and the CousCous from Company Cafe was outstanding. There honestly wasn't I anything I had that sucked!

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