A Seattle Farmer Is Feeding Weed to His Pigs

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Damn pigs need to get a haircut and stop smoking weed.
High prices have lead many farmers across the country to look for cheaper feed sources. Now NPR reports that a Seattle butcher stumbled on an alternative that's doubled as a very successful marketing ploy.

William von Schneidau is feeding weed to his pigs. Now everyone's out to get some of his bacon.

If you're picturing a bunch of teenage pigs sitting around the pigsty eating pot brownies, you've got it all wrong. The growing medical marijuana industry is creating an excess byproduct of leaves, stems and root material. It turns out the surplus green makes for passable pig fodder. It also creates a lot of curious customers.

Nobody has a clue how much THC ends up in the bacon, but it's likely very low. Still, Schneidau's pot pig dinner event that featured one of the porcine stoners sold out fast. And subsequent media coverage has generated a lot of interest in a second event.

The hunt for cheap or free feed sources is a growing trend. Spent malted grain from the beer brewing process has become another popular alternative, and the same goes for vegetables used in distilling spirits.

Suddenly it doesn't sound so bad to be a pig.

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Bacon that gets you high. Wouldn't that suck you into some kind of wormhole? A wonderful, hickory smoked wormhole?


Stoner pigs sound delicious! I want to put them in a pipe and smoke 'em

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

William von Schneidau.  Didn't he direct Female on the Beach?


It's so sad that America is just now wisening up to the fact that Cannabis Sativa has so many wonderful uses. PLEASE you stupid fuckers, READ THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES by Jack Herer. Educate your stupid ass selves.

Esteban Butcho Diaz
Esteban Butcho Diaz

Weed on its own? Fantastic. Bacon on its own? Super. Weed-Bacon? Now you're talking crazy. It will be too much to handle. Eating bacon for breakfast, then you get high and get hungry again, so you eat more bacon. Then you get high again.... It will be a never-ending cycle of bacon depravity. No one will be able to make it to work on time, if at all.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Oink....another reason to bring hemp production to the states.

ChrisYu topcommenter

wondering how you can tell when a pig becomes lazy and apathetic?

Jesse Trevizo
Jesse Trevizo

A pig that's already always hungry...will now always have the munchies.....it will never stop eating...even more?.....I'll have to revisit this thought when I'm high as a hog. O_o

Scott Strong
Scott Strong

As if bacon could possibly get any better.

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