Texas Peaches Had a Rough Spring, So If You See a Good One: Eat It

Some of the first peaches to arrive at White Rock Local Market
Ken Halverson from Larken Farms Orchard brought a few boxes of the season's first peaches to the White Rock Local Market over the weekend. They were small, tart and firm, but they were peaches. And they're only going to get better as the summer progresses.

Halverson says the spring weather has been tough on his peach crop. Unseasonably warm temperatures caused early bud growth, but then a few late frosts decimated many of the young tender blossoms that were destined to become fruit.

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Strawberries have been scarce this season as well. Halverson said a neighboring farmer lost his entire crop this year to disease.

Still, there are signs of the coming summer. The Swiss chard that's covered table after table at the markets this spring is either gone or starting to look sad and wilted. And the tiny radishes and other root vegetables that first appeared a few weeks ago have swollen into massive versions of their preseason selves. (Kohlrabi the size of softballs were on sale from Good Earth Organic.)

The peaches that weren't damaged by the frost will continue to improve. If you see a big, juicy specimen for sale, jump on it fast. Some estimates claim up to three-fourths of this year's peach crop was lost to the unusual spring weather.

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Bummer. Peaches are my favorite to bake with. Pies and cobblers, all summer long. Oh, and don't forget the Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla.


Peaches.......meh; the only thing that peaches "is good for" is to make a fruit salsa; and fruit salsa goes great with:

-Sauteed Portobello Soft Taco's

-Grilled Talapia on Flatbread/Na'an

ps-The Kerg's and Baby Kerg's enjoyed a nice weekend at Lake Murray State Park; I recommend this place.....it's in a old building with horseshoes, fishing, a FINE restaurant, boat rentals, kayaks, swimming, hiking, golf, mini golf and a sno-cone stand. The pulled Pork BBQ sandwich was delicious, and the breakfast buffet was AMAZING!  I gained like 7 pounds. One complaint, dear baby jeebus, central Oklahoma needs more rain!  Then we shot on over to Beavers Bend and rode the Choo Choo, and that place had too much rain-oy vey. Anyhoo, I dug out the Kergie book I composed a couple of years ago, added some more thoughts on life, Thoreau and cooking-then I put it that smelly and soiled sonofabitch up until next weekend. The thing weighs like 80 pounds. 

FINAL NOTE:  Why do people in Oklahoma swim with jeans on....with no shirt?  Here I am looking out over the mountains yesterday, taking in nature's innate and surreal beauty, conversing with my god, and a kid (like 4 years old!) walks by with a mohawk and a tattoo on his head; followed by a fat guy with a tattoo of Jesus on his engorged tummy-then THEY proceeded to give the kids "mowma" a tattoo on the fishing pier. Well hell, I just threw down my copy of Walden and gave up on humanity for about ten minutes. 


Dear Joe,

    Where can I pick up my TOP COMMENTER badge, and my free meal to Dickey's BBQ Sysco Truck, Fat Laden, Dump it from a Can, Overpriced Shite? 

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