Sakhuu to Open Takeout and Delivery

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Catherine Downes
If you live anywhere near Lemmon Avenue and the tollway, this blog post is about to seriously brighten your life. Kyla Phomsavana, co-owner and chef of Sakhuu in East Dallas is about to open up a second location on the other side of town.

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Instead of traditional table service, the new restaurant will offer only takeout and delivery. Considering how dismal delivery options in Dallas can be, this is a huge step forward for those of you who like to eat on your couch.

Look for the new location to open at 5200 Lemon Ave. sometime later in June. If you've dined at the first restaurant, you can expect the same dishes including pad Thai and those ridiculous stuffed chicken wings I wrote so much about in my review of the restaurant.

There's also plenty of light items on their menu. I'm not sure some of the stir fried dishes classify as health food, but they're a heck of a lot better for you than standard Chinese delivery. And other dishes like the papaya salad and spring rolls really are light and delicious.

A soft opening is expected around June 15, with a grand opening later in the month.

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Sakhuu Thai Cuisine

4801 Bryan St., Dallas, TX

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Ahhhhh, nothing says "take out" like putting a plate on wooden stump!  Is the stump free?  is it extra? What if I want my "take out" to be pseudo nuevo, post industrial..........will they put it on a giant rusted pipe in a factory, or on a wire rack? 


Great news, the old Yumi To Go space which started out ok but..........!


5200 Lemmon Avenue is not Lovers Lane and the Tollway. Regardless, They'll be close enough to order from. I'm eager to have them open.


I'll do the honors of the Facebook Trolls:


-Viini in Haslet-yum

-Angry Ed-what


ps-Ok Scotty, you got your quota of lame FB assholes, now go home and sleep, sir. 


oh I forgot a random hip hop FB post....

EXTREMEinMansfield...........good' like. Rap.


@Sharon_Moreanus It's amazing how many folks have started calling Lemmon part of Uptown. At this rate everything south of Loop 12 will be Uptown by next year. 

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