Protesters Prepare March Against Monsanto as Seed Giant Logs Another Supreme Court Victory

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If you follow food politics you probably haven't heard very many nice things about Monsanto. Their agriculture products and policies have gained a surprising amount of control of the modern agrarian economy and changed a lot of the ways farmers work and do business.

Monsanto's Roundup Ready soybeans are now grown on 90 percent of all soybeans farms in the United States -- a fact that has been increasingly drawing the attention of biodiversity specialists, health advocates and others with an interest in food and farming. Meanwhile, aggressive policies and lawsuits have put some farmers, seed cleaners and other farm supporting laborers out of business.

Jessica Winters is one of the local hosts heading up a campaign against the seed and chemical giant. She's leading the Dallas contingent of a international protest more than 300 cities strong. According to Winters, about 1000 people have signed up to participate and she's optimistic more will join on in the coming days. She's hosting a march that will start at Dallas City Hall, proceed to the Dallas Farmers Market and then return back to City Hall.

Challenging Monsanto has been a difficult (if impossible) historically. The company has logged numerous Supreme Court victories, including one yesterday that protects their rights to control seeds grown by farmers that contain their patented DNA. Still, Winters is positive. "All we can do is expose it," she says of Monsanto's policies with regard to the soybeans and other products referred to as genetically modified organisms (GMOs.) Winters claims that many citizens are still not aware of the issue.

The march will take place at 1 p.m. on May 25, and more information is available on a Facebook page set up for the event.

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So glad you wrote something about this important event.    Sorry to see that no one covered the story in other local news forums.  100s of thousands of people participated in this event world wide, and no one thinks its news worthy?    As a member of the press, they would cover stories that are of interest to the masses and invovle the masses.   I would hope that they would do some of their own research before writing, instead of repeating the Monsanto's misleading statements on the topic, and hopefully do some reporting with some teeth to it.   If their bt corn makes the stomachs of corn worms explode, what do you think it will do the stomachs of the animals/humans that eait it?   This is not a spray on pesticide that might break down or wash off.  It is a protein that has been built into the genetic structure of the corn's DNA!   So its not going anwhere any time soon, except onto your plate!!!!   You are what you eat!!   We are all being Genetically Modified without our knowledge every day!!!!  Just Label it!!!!

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

You will be assimilated. 

Resistance is futile.

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