Kitchen LTO to Annouce Chef and Designer Finalists

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To phrases like jumbo shrimp and government intelligence, Dallas is adding a new oxymoron: permanent pop-up. Kitchen LTO (Limited Time Offer) is slated to open later this summer at Trinity Groves in West Dallas. The gimmick here is that Kitchen LTO won't offer a singular dining experience, but instead a dynamic one that changes every four months, according to founder Casie Caldwell.

Each new chef will come into the space with a new menu concept. A designer will follow suit with a fresh dining room, and diners will have access to a completely new restaurant. The idea is modeled on the pop-up restaurant concept that became popular all over the country about the same time that real estate prices went through the roof. What's weird is how far we've gotten from the original spirit of the idea.

Underground and pop-up restaurants initially were fueled by their secrecy. Diners craved hunting for locations, landing on hard-to-find mailing lists and the resulting feeling of exclusivity as much as they did the food on their plates. Pop-ups also burst as quickly as they bubbled up. Miss one instance and you may never see the obscure dish your friends will fawn over on Facebook the next day. A semi-permanent pop-up provides none of these features, though there is some appeal in watching the same space reinterpreted by a new creative team on a regular basis.

Kitchen LTO will select its first chef by popular vote. On May 30, the restaurant will host a ticketed event to announce the finalists, and then 10 days of Internet voting will determine what we'll be eating for the next four months. A spokesperson for the project said six contestants have chosen by a panel of local restauranteurs and chefs including Bolsa owner Chris Zielke and Bob Sambol from Bob's Steak House.

If you're the type who has to see a new concept the second it opens, getting a sneak peak before the judging even starts may be your thing. You can buy tickets to the party here. The rest of you can check out the chefs when they're announced on Kitchen LTO's website and vote once a day for your favorite.

I'm hoping for Peruvian chicken cooked over hardwood since I can't seem to find that anywhere in Dallas. I'm not holding my breath though.

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Kitchen LTO

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