Katy Trail Ice House "Outpost" Officially Takes Over Bandito's Spot in Plano

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Buddy Cramer, co-owner of Katy Trail Ice House, and his investment group have officially taken over the old Bandito's spot in West Plano. We've sort of already been teased with this, as Scott Reitz reported a year ago on the Bandito's Tex-Mex Ice House project. That is officially done now while Cramer works to transform it to Katy Trail Ice House "Outpost."

The concept, which is a tad east of the Preston and Park intersection, will essentially be the same; a focus on the patio with lots of beer, barbecue, sandwiches and such. Just not quite as large. Cramer says there will be an emphasis on the outside area and they are working to make it more ... well, less Plano. They're bringing in lots of trees and greenery.

As far as opening, Cramer said, "We're trying to open in two weeks, although that's probably a bit aggressive. It'll probably be more like three weeks."

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Bandito's Plano - CLOSED

4700 W. Park Blvd., Plano, TX

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That sound be the restaurant's tag line. "Come to Bandito's Ice House, We're Less Plano"


Looks like they just got outgunned by Anamia's and the Blue Goose.  Would they be turning it into an Ice House "outpost" if Bandito's food wasn't so awful?


We went in on Saturday and were served cold queso, so I figured the takeover had already happened.


That corner is a perfect for that!  So many dudes around that area with backwards hat, chilled moxie and the tightened t shirt......now ya'll will have a spot to drink with the "brah's", and watch extreme man fighting-yay!  And it close to Home Depot and Tom Thumb, so ya'll can get jobs, and move out of mom's basement. 

ps-Love you Tollway Douchers.  I saw a "TD" the other day while I was in that Tom Thumb, and dude was so "swell up" he couldn't put his f+cking arms down; now that would suck.  And I guarantee I could beat that guy s ass, especially since he's handicapped by limited mobility, with swell ass muscles, and all! 


Has it been "taken-over" if it's the same ownership that just rebranded? The above write-up may be a little misleading.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

The question is what happened to the owner of Banditos and to make KT's take full ownership.

But that would involve asking questions.

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